This week, development activity focused on the Process component, which fixed some bugs and tweaked some of its features. In addition, the master branch changed the ESI fragment renderer to be always registered. Lastly, the full schedule of the upcoming Symfony Live London 2013 conference was unveiled.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • e8e76ec: [TwigBridge] prevent CodeExtension from displaying warnings
  • 18896d5: [Validator] fixed the wrong isAbstract() check against the class
  • 3ef517b: [Process] fixed callbacks passed to Process::start are only executed at process startup
  • 57d4159: [Process] avoid zombie process in case of unit tests failure
  • fa769a2: [Process] added more precision to Process::stop timeout
  • 8d9c7c6: [Process] fixed the recent slowness introduced in unit tests
  • dbd0855: [FrameworkBundle] added sleep() workaround for windows php rename bug
  • ab9a96b: [Console] fixes for hasParameterOption and getParameterOption methods of ArgvInput
  • 99adcf1: [HttpFoundation] fixed session compatibility with memcached/redis session storage

2.3 changelog:

  • 572ba68: [TwigBridge] removed superflous ; when rendering form_enctype()
  • 909fab6: [Process] fixed: exit code is not available if a process is signaled
  • fa01e6b: [Process] fixed: after a timeout has been reached, process is marked as succesful
  • c342715: [Form] fixed: added validation_groups option to submit button

Master changelog:

  • f759f87: [Process] made Process::start method chainable
  • ee36380: [Security] added a check for strategies in AccessDecisionManager
  • 2baa2c6: [Process] always manually inherit $_SERVER
  • 09f727b: [FrameworkBundle] changed the ESI fragment renderer to be always registered
  • 78de59d: [Config] support binary notation for XmlUtils
  • 4e45067, e587fa8: [Config] fixed handling of negative integer in XML support
  • 8b11ae7: [Routing] removed legacy artifact from Router class

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