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Archives for 09/2009

Fabien Potencier
Symfony 1.3 Documentation
by Fabien Potencier – September 28, 2009

Just two days after the first alpha release of symfony 1.3, I'm proud to announce that both the Practical symfony book (aka the Jobeet tutorial) and the symfony reference guide have been updated to take into account the new features of this version of symfony.

Javier Eguiluz
A week of symfony #143 (21->27 September 2009)
by Javier Eguiluz – September 27, 2009

This week started with the introduction of the new symfony templating component. Afterwards, the long-awaited first alpha version of symfony 1.3 was published, including lots of updated documentation. The week ended with the release of symfony 1.2.9.

symfony 1.2.9 is ready to use
by Fabian Lange – September 27, 2009

symfony 1.2.9 took a bit longer than usual, mainly because we concentrate on 1.3 at the moment and symfony 1.2 is pretty stable.

Hey look! Symfony 1.3 alpha1!
by Kris Wallsmith – September 26, 2009

Meet symfony 1.3. Here are some of the highlights of what's new...

Javier Eguiluz
A week of symfony #142 (14->20 September 2009)
by Javier Eguiluz – September 20, 2009

As symfony 1.3 release slowly approaches, lots of fixes, changes and tweaks are committed to its branch. This week, symfony 1.3 gained YAML 1.2 compatibility and a new experimental optimization layer.

1day1ticket August winner
by Pascal Borreli – September 14, 2009

Javier Eguiluz
A week of symfony #141 (7->13 September 2009)
by Javier Eguiluz – September 13, 2009

Symfony development returned this week to its usual frenetic activity with tons of important fixes and additions. Firstly, symfony 1.3 unveiled a brand-new email support based on SwiftMailer 4. Secondly, a major performance improvement was introduced in the routing system. Lastly, both Doctrine and Propel showed an intense activity, symfony 1.0.21 was released and YAML component started support for the 1.2 YAML specification.

Stefan Koopmanschap
Symfony Day Cologne: Looking back
by Stefan Koopmanschap – September 10, 2009

Last friday, september 4th, the German city of Cologne was the host of a new symfony event: symfony Day. This new one-day event was organized by German web agency Interlutions. Before the event already, the excitement was building because of the interesting line up, and it looks like this excitement was very much justified.

symfony 1.0.21 is out
by Grégoire Hubert – September 10, 2009

Here is the long awaited new (and not last) release of symfony 1.0. As usual, only security and backported fixes have been applied to the oldest member of the symfony family.

FireSymfony: Installing and Configuring the Plugin
by Alvaro Videla – September 09, 2009

In the previous post we went through the features provided by FireSymfony. In this post we are going to see how to install the Firefox Add On and the symfony plugin.

Javier Eguiluz
A week of symfony #140 (31 August -> 6 September 2009)
by Javier Eguiluz – September 06, 2009

Despite lack of development activity, it was a busy week for symfony. Firstly, symfony day 09 event took place in Germany with great success. Meanwhile, symfony drew lot of attention at the PHP Conference in Japan, greatly increasing symfony coverage in the japanese blogosphere.

FireSymfony - Debugging symfony applications inside Firebug
by Alvaro Videla – September 05, 2009

In this series of articles I would like to present you FireSymfony, a Firefox add-on for debugging symfony applications inside the popular Firebug.

Fabien Potencier
Symfony Live 2010 sponsors and call for papers
by Fabien Potencier – September 02, 2009

As many companies from around the world asked me how they can sponsor the event, we have worked on a sponsor guide, which is now available for download.