Case studies

Going SOA with Symfony2: A year and a half down the road

A case study about a Symfony application that relies on microservices to implement a Service-Oriented Architecture.

Thelia, a Symfony-based e-commerce solution

An interview with Manuel Raynaud, lead developer of Thelia, a Symfony-based e-commerce solution. Introducing the new Thelia 2 and how it's in perfect harmony with Symfony.

Push it to the limits - Symfony2 for High Performance needs

In this Case Study, we'll reveal some architecture details of the "1 Billion Symfony2 Application". We'll show you the project big-picture then focus on features we really like in Symfony2.

Getting Pushy with Symfony2!

Message Queues are not a new concept – neither is Push Notifications and surely not HTTP Posts for that matter. However, when you combine these ideas with Symfony you have a very flexible queueing system.

OroCRM, the new kid on the Symfony2 block

There are many hard and risky decisions that need to be made when starting a new open-source project. We wanted to share with you how for OroCRM one of the best decisions we have made so far is selecting the Symfony2 framework to create our vision.

Symfony2 meets eZ Publish 5

eZ Publish announced that they will use the Symfony full-stack framework for version 5.

Symfony2 meets Drupal 8

The one where I officially talk about the adoption of some of the Symfony2 Components in Drupal 8.

A beginner's Journey with Symfony

The case study this time is by Tom Dibaja, a new user of symfony. In his case study, he describes how easy it was for him, being an enterpreneur and not necessarily a developer, to pick up symfony for the development of one of his websites.

Symfony in the health industry

Symfony is used in a widespread range of industries, and this case study by Tomasz Muras of Enovation Solutions shows that the health industry has also embraced the framework for application development. - Building a frontend within 15 man days

A new case study today written by Lukas Smith of Liip, one of the speakers of this year's Symfony Live conference in Paris where he presented about the combining of Liip's Okapi framework with symfony. In this case study Lukas shows how you can really do rapid development of technologically advanced applications with a minimal effort.

Nashville Flood Relief Website Built with Symfony

In only 36 hours the local Symfony developers built a fully featured web application to assist the individuals affected by the 2010 flooding in Nashville, TN which has cost the city almost 2 billion dollars in damages.

Building the portal

After a short break we're back with a new case study. This time, Jakub Zalas of Goyello discusses building the travel, leisure and lifestyle portal under a serious time pressure.

ServerGrove Livechat Application

The first in the new series of case studies about running a TV station with symfony was a big success. So without further ado I would like to introduce to you the next in the series: open source hosting company ServerGrove has written a case study about their building of a livechat application with symfony.

Running a TV station with symfony

During Symfony Live 2010 we asked people for their case studies to publish on the symfony website. From now on, we will publish a new case study every two weeks. The first one is by David Hermann. In this case study he will discuss how he used symfony to replace legacy software at a TV station with software that optimizes the workflow of the station employees.

Dailymotion, powered by symfony

Daily Motion, the world's largest independent video entertainment website, is now powered by symfony.

Yahoo! Answers powered by symfony

Yahoo! used symfony to redevelop another project. This time symfony was used as part of the foundation for Yahoo! Answers.