Symfony Community and Business Awards 2013 are online!

Exciting news, we launched the second edition of the [Symfony Awards](!

November Camp by Symfony Sweden

In just 9 days, on November 22nd, Symfony Sweden is hosting the first ever Swedish Symfony conference, November Camp, at the luxurious Hilton Slussen in Stockholm.

The Symfony Family

Open-Source projects using Symfony finally get some exposure on

The Symfony CMF released its first stable version

The Symfony Content Management Framework has released its first stable version.

Symfony Live Berlin 2013

Symfony Live Berlin 2013

Symfony Website Updates

Lately, we've been busy improving the Symfony website.

SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013: the entire schedule is online!

The full schedule of SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 is now available!

Save the date for SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013!

SymfonyCon Warsaw, December 10-14! Registration is already open, check it out!

The website... in your language

What about translating the website to your language?

Which version of Symfony should you use?

Since the release of Symfony 2.0 almost two years ago, three new releases have been published: 2.1, 2.2, and recently 2.3. So, which version should you use?

Announcing the 2013 Spanish Symfony Conference

The fourth edition of the deSymfony Conference, the biggest Spanish-speaking event related to Symfony, will be taking place on 21st-22nd June 2013. Around 400 Symfony developers from Spain, Italy and even America will attend to this two-day event that will hold more than 20 talks about our favorite framework.

Good-bye Symfony Live Portland 2013!

Symfony Live Portland 2013 is over but see you next year!

Symfony 2.3 schedule update

Symfony 2.3 feature freeze is happening today.

Symfony Live Portland 2013: The Schedule has finally been published!

The schedule for the Symfony Live conference in Portland has just been published! Have a look at the great schedule and register now to the Symfony Live Portland 2013!

Code Sprint for Symfony 2.3

Be prepared for the first Symfony 2.3 code sprint.

Symfony 2.3: What's next?

What for the next major Symfony version?