As the symfony community grows, people want easy ways to install the framework. We already have a lot of ways to install symfony: a PEAR package, a sandbox archive and subversion tags and branches.

But people ask for more. As creating specialized packages takes a lot of time, we've been working on them since the symfony 1.0 stable release.

The first package is for Debian/Ubuntu users. Thanks to the great work of Grégoire Hubert, a project manager at Sensio Labs, all Debian/Ubuntu users can now install symfony like any other Debian package.

If you use dpkg, just type the following command line:

dpkg -i php5-symfony_1.0.2-1_all.deb

When symfony is installed, don't forget to try a simple man symfony.

We are also looking for people willing to contribute packages for other Linux distributions like Suse, Fedora or CentOS. If you are a Windows users, why not create a WAMP add-on for symfony?

If you want to help, just drop us a line on the symfony devs mailing list.