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Downloading and configuring a Symfony distribution is without question the easiest and fastest way to get started with Symfony.

What is a Distribution?

Like Linux distributions, known for their easy installation and specific features (server version, desktop version, etc.), a Symfony distribution is made up of Symfony2 components, a selection of bundles, a directory structure, a default configuration, and an optional Web configuration system.

In practical terms, it is a simple, easy to install, and packaged solution to get started with Symfony. Even in the computing area, a good first impression is key...

Why Distributions?

A distribution, with its selection of bundles, structure and default configuration, is designed to meet a specific user need: such as easy familiarization, Content Management System to create a dynamic website, or a full version to test the framework.

Nevertheless, compared to its competitors, Symfony's strength and innovation lie in the fact that everything can be modified: the distribution is a pack, but one that was designed to remain scalable, as if you created it yourself. You can add or remove bundles, change the default configuration, or modify the file structure, etc., based on your needs and desires!

Available Distributions

The Standard Edition is by far the best version to get started. It contains the most commonly used bundles and has a simple configuration that is compatible with most projects.

Based on the Standard Edition, the Hello World Edition is the best distribution to benchmark the raw performance of the framework.

The Symfony CMF Standard Edition is the best distribution to get started with the Symfony CMF.

The Symfony REST Edition shows how to build an application that provides a RESTful API using the FOSRestBundle and several other related Bundles.