The Symfony MakerBundle

1.0 version

The Symfony MakerBundle

Symfony Maker helps you create empty commands, controllers, form classes, tests and more so you can forget about writing boilerplate code. This bundle is an alternative to SensioGeneratorBundle for modern Symfony applications and requires using Symfony 3.4 or newer and Symfony Flex.


Run this command to install and enable this bundle in your application:

$ composer require symfony/maker-bundle --dev


This bundle provides several commands under the make: namespace. List them all executing this command:

$ php bin/console list make

 make:command            Creates a new console command class
 make:controller         Creates a new controller class
 make:entity             Creates a new Doctrine entity class


 make:validator          Creates a new validator and constraint class
 make:voter              Creates a new security voter class

The names of the commands are self-explanatory, but some of them include optional arguments and options. Check them out with the --help option:

$ php bin/console make:controller --help

Creating your Own Makers

In case your applications need to generate custom boilerplate code, you can create your own make:... command reusing the tools provided by this bundle. To do that, you should create a class that extends AbstractMaker in your src/Maker/ directory. And this is really it!

For examples of how to complete your new maker command, see the core maker commands. Make sure your class is registered as a service and tagged with maker.command. If you're using the standard Symfony services.yaml configuration, this will be done automatically.

Overriding the Generated Code

Generated code can never be perfect for everyone. The MakerBundle tries to balance adding "extension points" with keeping the library simple so that existing commands can be improved and new commands can be added.

For that reason, in general, the generated code cannot be modified. In many cases, adding your own maker command is so easy, that we recommend that. However, if there is some extension point that you'd like, please open an issue do we can discuss!

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.