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Melbourne Symfony Meetup

An evening of a couple of presentations on Symfony, and networking with fellow developers at York Butter Factory in Melbourne.

Symfony User Group Berlin: Webpack Encore & PHPBench

Finally Symfony User Group Berlin is back with the next meetup and two talks about Symfony Webpack Encore and benchmarking with PHPBench at GetYourGuide in Kreuzberg!
We are very happy to welcome Stefan Adolf and Daniel Leech as speakers!

Symfony Slovenia meetup

Slovenian Symfony 4 release meetup will be happening in Ljubljana this November and will include two interesting talks including Symfony 4 and Symfony 3.4 LTS. You're most welcome to join.

Symfony/PHP Cali Meetup #4

Join us to talk about using VIM for Symfony/PHP development and Websockets and Ratchet.

Symfony 4 and 3.4 LTS meetup Belgium

November will be a month of new big Symfony releases. Let's have a get together for drinks and talk about how you are using Symfony (can be about the new releases / features but not limited to). The concept is lightning talks.

We already have 3 cases:
- Hypotheek.winkel command bus pattern, eID integration, custom rules engine
- Drupal 8 that uses Sylius as a data transition layer
- big online educational platform from Acco, built on Symfony

Symfony UK: Serverless PHP & Mutation Testing

Interested in getting started with serverless PHP? Want to learn how to use bugs to your advance with Mutation Testing? Don't miss this month's Symfony UK!

SymfonyCon Cluj 2017

SensioLabs is proud to organize the fifth edition of the SymfonyCon in the beautiful city of Cluj, Romania.

SymfonyCon Cluj is a 5-day event from November 14th to November 18th:

Two-day workshop: Tuesday, November 14th and Wednesday, November 15th
Two-day conference: Thursday, November 16th and Friday, November 17th
One hackday: Saturday, November 18th

Come with us to Cluj and celebrate Symfony the real way!

SymfonyLive Berlin 2017

SymfonyLive Berlin 2017 is the Symfony Community event of the year - join us for 2 days of workshops (6 tracks per day!), followed by a single-day, two-track conference full of talks around Symfony and related topics.

SymfonyLive San Francisco 2017

SensioLabs’ North American SymfonyLive conference will be held in San Francisco from October 19th-20th. We are ecstatic to return to the city by the bay and host the American Symfony community.

SymfonyLive San Francisco is a 4-day event from October 17th to 20th:
-Two-day workshop: Tuesday, 17th and Wednesday, 18th
-Two-day conference: Thursday, 19th and Friday, 20th

Enjoy the atmosphere of downtown San Francisco while hearing all the latest and best developments with Symfony!

Symfony User Group Cologne

Die Vorfreude steigt! Wir bereiten uns auf die SymfonyLive Berlin vor und geben euch beim nächsten Treffen der UserGroup in Köln schon mal einen kleinen aber feinen Vorgeschmack:

"Die Anwendung des Specification Pattern mit Doctrine", ein Vortrag von Matthias Pigulla (webfactory).

Matthias wird erklären, worum es beim Specification Pattern geht und wie es helfen kann, Business Rules vom Repository in eigenständige fachliche Klassen zu verlagern.