SensioLabsInsight continuously analyzes PHP code to detect security risks, to find bugs, to provide actionable metrics and to helpimprove your projects in the long term.

Rather than a one-time quality audit conducted by a consultant, daily controls and monitorings of developments and teams are more likely to detect errors which may affect the sustainability, scalability and quality of an application.

SensioLabsInsight automatically analyses the code and behaviour of your PHP project, and detects the issues according to more than 100 rules that have been defined by our experts after years of intensive practice.

Exhaustive static & dynamic checks

SensioLabsInsight analyses your project by conducting a range of standard verifications, related to both the code and the project itself, and its behaviour during runtime through a unique infrastructure allowing to boot each application.

More than 100 rules, ranging from security to performance, can be applied depending on your project type (Symfony, Drupal, eZ Publish, Flint, Magento, ...).

Accurate actionable reports

Reports will give you a clear view on your application’s quality and its evolution in time. An accurate technical debt assessment and an objective rating or errors according to their nature and level of criticity provide key monitoring metrics for a better prioritisation and project planification.

Works with your tools

SensioLabsInsight integrates with GitHub to trigger automatic analyses and create GitHub issues directly from you analysis reports.

A full-featured API, SDK and console tools will make it possible for you to seamlessly integrate Jenkins and other services & tools.