is a web hosting platform with deep Symfony integration that radically enhances your web development cycle.

It can replicate a live production cluster in seconds and create on-the-fly throwaway dev and staging environements that are byte-level clones. Basically every git branch has a url: a live running web site, making human testing and validation up to 90% faster. Every feature can be tested in isolation.

As a second generation PAAS it is powered by a high density and high availability grid of Linux Containers with up to 99.99% SLA. allows for continuous delivery workflows and faster onboarding of remote teams providing better time to market, better quality and all around more joy.

It painlessly integrates with your existing toolset (git, jenkins) and enhances them while lowering the barrier to implementing modern development best practices. It is a fully managed environnement requiring litte to no sysadmin work, letting you focus on creating great applications.