SensioCloud is a web hosting platform with deep Symfony integration that radically enhances your web development cycle.

Fully managed stack

Reduce hosting costs by 60%. Stop wasting time and energy finding, building and maintaining your own stack. We cover it all, from PHP to database, search, security and performance.

Enable any service via a few configuration lines in a YAML file. SensioCloud supports PHP 5 and 7. Each service is deployed in its own custom, lightweight LXC container for optimal performance, stability and flexibility. Don’t see your service on the list? Ask for it, we’ll make it happen.

Designed for developers

Deploy 7 times more often and increase productivity by 30%. Our Git integration and filesystem make it possible to go from dev to staging and production and back, in a matter of minutes. All from the comfort of your terminal.

Optimized for Symfony

Rely on the creator of Symfony to support you all the way, from the first line of code to your daily business needs. Benefit from our vast experience (and secret sauce) to get the best out of Symfony in production. Pro-active Symfony configuration and performance optimization.