Professional Services

  • SensioLabs

    SensioLabs, creator ot the Symfony framework, provides a wide array of services (consulting, coaching, development...) solutions and products to help businesses make the most out of Symfony. We can ...

    Offices in France Germany United Kingdom

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  • King Foo

    King Foo holds a team of senior web developers, with firm experience in real-world projects. They are recognized for building sophisticated web applications using cutting-edge technology for their cu...

    Offices in Belgium

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  • WeMakeCustom

    With more than fifty digital solutions to their name in the private, public and paragovernmental sectors, .WMC creates a unique experience focused on the human aspect and multi-disciplinary expertise....

    Offices in Canada

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  • Prestaconcept

    Prestaconcept offers customized services built around consulting, expertise, accompaniment and quality. Prestaconcept sets itself apart from classic integrators by developing applications tailored to...

    Offices in France

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  • Smile

    Smile is the European leader for the integration of open source solutions, located in 8 countries with more than 800 experts. Concerning Symfony, Smile has more than 70 experts and has produced hundr...

    Offices in Belgium France Ivory Coast Morocco Netherlands Russia Switzerland Ukraine

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