A week of symfony #409 (27 October -> 2 November 2014)

This week Symfony routing implemented the serialization of the compiled route to speed things up. In addition, it improved error messages for lots of components and continued polishing the new VarDumper component. Lastly, this week the European Symfony community gathered around the Symfony Live Berlin 2014 conference, the last big Symfony event of the year before the SymfonyCon conference.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • fd88de7: [Routing] serialized the compiled route to speed things up
  • 97bb22c: [Config] fixed filelocator with empty name
  • c77fdcb: [Yaml] improved error message for multiple documents
  • 9c1e468: [Kernel] ensured session is saved before sending response
  • eb4b20f: [Session] removed invalid hack in session regenerate
  • 9ea4296: [Validator] fixed Regex::getHtmlPattern() to work with complex and negated patterns
  • b1bffc0: [Twig Bridge] indicate which file was being parsed if an exception is thrown while running translation:debug
  • ec82e32: [Form] fixed form handling with OPTIONS request method
  • 8d2c296: [HttpFoundation] CSRF warning docs on Request::enableHttpMethodParameterOverride()

Master changelog:

  • cd2c2e3: decodes some special chars in a URL query
  • d9c239d: added XML schema definition for the DebugBundle
  • 99cfa8e: [OptionsResolver] fixed count() and exceptions
  • 417f021: [Debug] DI controllable ErrorHandler::register()
  • 9b9fb5a: [VarDumper] polymorphic and stateless output selection
  • 7ffba44: [VarDumper] UML prefixes for properties
  • dd7a9b6: [HttpFoundation] allow Cache-Control headers on StreamedResponse

Newest issues and pull requests

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A week of symfony #409 (27 October -> 2 November 2014) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-409-27-october-2-november-2014

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Just a to be clear, the serialization of the compiled route does not speed up Symfony ifself are we are not using serialized route anywhere. It was done to speed up Drupal.

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