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A Week of Symfony #667 (7-13 October 2019)

This week, Symfony 3.4.32 and 4.3.5 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 4.4 version improved the syntax for defining method calls in YAML, improved performance of filesystem-based caches and allowed to omit the event name when registering listeners.

Symfony development highlights

3.4 changelog:

  • 7432601: [Validator] fixed ValidValidator group cascading usage
  • fefb2ff: [Dotenv] search variable values in ENV first then env file
  • a8a4aad: [HttpFoundation] added plus character + to legal mime subtype
  • 1201085: [Cache] fixed TagAwareAdapter returning invalid cache
  • 9869754: [Validator] added the missing Swedish translations
  • c281b3b: [Validator] added the missing Norwegian Bokmål translations
  • 49ad46e: [VarDumper] fixed resetting the "bold" state in CliDumper
  • 1201085: [Cache] fixed TagAwareAdapter returning invalid cache

4.3 changelog:

  • bee0056: [HttpClient] fixed exploding values of headers
  • 38b3dc8: [Messenger] ensure auto setup in DoctrineTransport is only done once
  • 4223a5b: [HttpKernel] fix to populate $dotenvVars in data collector when not using putenv()
  • 0d49141: [Form] preserved microseconds and used \DateTime::createFromImmutable() when available
  • 49dfa8a: [Cache] clean tags folder on invalidation
  • ac422db: [FrameworkBundle] allowed to set SameSite config to 'none'
  • 6f58438: [Cache] removed implicit dependency on symfony/filesystem
  • 585a7a4: [HttpClient] send Accept: / by default and remove it when needed
  • 76f44df: [Cache] ignored unserialization failures in AbstractTagAwareAdapter::doDelete()
  • b17ebdf: [DependencyInjection] added extra type check to php dumper

4.4 changelog:

  • 4364850: [Intl] updated the ICU data to 65.1
  • b43f255: [VarDumper] added a support for casting Ramsey/Uuid
  • ce7c0b4: [Messenger] allowed to configure the db index on Redis transport
  • 1998814: [HttpClient] async HTTPlug client
  • 62216ea: added types to constructors and private/final/internal methods
  • 7db5be6: [DependencyInjection] enabled improved syntax for defining method calls in YAML
  • 0094884: [EventDispatcher] allowed to omit the event name when registering listeners
  • 41dfd98: [Cache] improved performance of pruning for fs-based adapters
  • 1c81349: keeping backward compatibility with legacy FlattenException usage
  • 28f9536: [Cache] added TagAwareMarshaller to optimize data storage when using AbstractTagAwareAdapter
  • 38b9a27: [ErrorHandler] reworked fatal errors
  • a84ec3a: [Mailer] added ReplyTo option for PostmarkApiTransport
  • 0e84d3d: [Cache] fixed 2RTT + race condition in AbstractTagAwareAdapter::deleteItems()
  • 211c651: [HttpClient] resolved promise chains on HttplugClient::wait()

Master changelog:

  • 2dba6e7: [String] renamed core classes to Byte/CodePoint/UnicodeString
  • f6d207c: [Console] replaced posix_isatty with cross-platform and always available stream_isatty
  • 90ca602: [String] added $lastGlue argument to join() methods

Symfony Binary

The Symfony binary, which provides tools for developing Symfony applications in your local machine, released its new 4.7.2 and 4.7.3 with the following changes:

  • Disable interactivity in CI (even if they expose themselves as a TTY)
  • Fix the use of API Tokens requests new OAuth token for each request
  • Add a warning when the local CA should be regenerated
  • Fix server:ca:install --force does not properly regenerate CA
  • Add --renew flag to server:ca:install to force CA regeneration
  • Fix server:ca:install does not re-install certificate when using --force flag
  • Add proxy:domain:detach
  • Add attached domain names in the output of server:status

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