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D-12: Countdown for SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 is on!

Well, it’s coming fast! The conference is in less than 2 weeks, only 12 little days before the 2nd edition of the SymfonyCon. We can’t wait to be there and meet the international Symfony Community! Like a big family we’ll have our annual reunion and we can’t wait to see you all very soon. So here is a small recap of what you can expect during the conference!

-Workshop days on November 25th and 26th:

Get trained on Symfony before the conference, and register for our brand new workshops: "Fabien's Symfony Best Practices", "Profiling PHP Applications", or "Building Restful applications with Symfony", only a few seats are still available. Secure your seat now!

-Conference days on November 27th and 28th:

We've scheduled 2 conference tracks during 2 days to enhance your Symfony knowledge, with more than 25 talks in only 2 days! The schedule is amazing, you have to be there. Check it out and register before it’s too late!

-Conference family gathering:

During the conferences, we love to hang out altogether and have a good time with our Symfony Family! This year, we’re organizing our family reunion downtown Madrid! Indeed, the conference hotel is not downtown Madrid, so we decided to pick you up for a little trip to enjoy a good moment together.

On Thursday November 27th from 7pm, all attendees are invited to join us for the family reunion and share a toast to celebrate the 2nd edition of the conference. Each attendee will get a ticket for drinks (soft drinks, beer or wine), and some Spanish finger food to taste the famous Spanish tapas. Several buses will pick you up from the Hotel Auditorium to the place where the family gathering will be held. You’ll thus be able to do a little of Madrid sightseeing while going there. Regular buses will also drop you off from the place of the gathering to the Hotel Auditorium. But if you want to enjoy Madrid by night or walk around to discover this beautiful city, you are totally free!

The family reunion is a social gathering for all attendees of the conference, aimed to bring together the great Symfony community and encourage the meetings with the Symfony community members. Don’t miss it and remember: drinking alcoholic beverages is hazardous to your health. Please drink with moderation.

-Conference hackday, sponsored by Heroku:

Thanks to Heroku's support, our traditional hackday will be surprising! The conference will end with the hackday on November 29th, and we hope that many of you will be able to join us there. We'd like the hackday to be a great experience for all people interested in developing their Symfony experience.

Of course, we hope you are willing to work on Symfony topics and help us to enhance the Framework. So anyone who will contribute or commit to a pull request on Symfony submitted during the hackday and deploys an app on Heroku during this same hackday will be eligible to win a made-in-San-Francisco Mission Bicycle, offered by Heroku! And by the way: Fabien Potencier will be there to review and approve your live PRs ;)

In addition to that, anyone who deploys an app on Heroku during the hackday will receive a special gift of their choice, and there will be Heroku engineers around all day to get you started and help with questions.

Exact rules will be soon announced on the conference website. Come for the conference and stay for the hack, it’s interesting, fun and you surely have a Symfony work you want to improve!

Still not registered? What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Finally a huge thanks to all our sponsors for their support in the conference organization:

Gold Sponsors: Thanks, from Commerce Guys, Theodo and Zend.

Silver Sponsors: Thanks Heroku and Shopware.

Bronze Sponsors: Thanks Elcodi and We Are Marketing.

Community Sponsor: Thanks Thelia

See you in Madrid! D-12!!

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D-12: Countdown for SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 is on!

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