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WARNING: You are browsing the documentation for version 1.0 which is not maintained anymore. If some of your projects are still using this version, consider upgrading.


1.0 version
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The RoutingBundle integrates dynamic routing into Symfony using the CMF Routing component . See the component documentation if you are interested in the implementation details of the services explained in this chapter.

The ChainRouter is meant to replace the default Symfony Router. All it does is manage a prioritized list of routers and try to match requests and generate URLs with all of them. One of the routers in that chain can of course be the default router so you can still use the Symfony2 standard way of specifying routes where it makes sense.

Additionally, this bundle delivers useful router implementations. It provides the DynamicRouter that routes based on a custom loader logic for Symfony2 Route objects. The provider can be implemented using a database. This bundle provides default implementations for Doctrine PHPCR-ODM and Doctrine ORM.

The DynamicRouter service is only made available when explicitly enabled in the application configuration.

Finally this bundles provides route documents for Doctrine PHPCR-ODM and ORM, as well as a controller for redirection routes.


The ChainRouter can replace the default symfony routing system with a chain- enabled implementation. It does not route anything on its own, but only loops through all chained routers. To handle standard configured symfony routes, the symfony default router can be put into the chain.

You can configure the routing services to use in the chain, see routers_by_id.

Loading Routers with Tagging

You can use the service tag router to automatically register your routers. The tag has an optional priority attribute. The higher the priority, the earlier your router will be asked to match the route. If you do not specify the priority, your router will come last. If there are several routers with the same priority, the order between them is undetermined. The tagged service will look like this

  • YAML
            class: "%my_namespace.my_router_class%"
                - { name: router, priority: 300 }
  • XML
    <service id="acme_core.my_router" class="%my_namespace.my_router_class%">
        <tag name="router" priority="300" />
        <!-- ... -->
  • PHP
        ->register('acme_core.my_router', '%acme_core.my_router')
        ->addTag('router', array('priority' => 300))

See also official Symfony2 documentation for DependencyInjection tags

Further reading

For more information on Routing in the Symfony CMF, please refer to:

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.