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Warning: You are browsing the documentation for Symfony 2.1, which is no longer maintained.

Read the updated version of this page for Symfony 6.1 (the current stable version).

IRC Meetings

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss topics in real time with many of the Symfony2 devs.

Anyone may propose topics on the symfony-dev mailing-list until 24 hours before the meeting, ideally including well prepared relevant information via some URL. 24 hours before the meeting a link to a doodle will be posted including a list of all proposed topics. Anyone can vote on the topics until the beginning of the meeting to define the order in the agenda. Each topic will be timeboxed to 15mins and the meeting lasts one hour, leaving enough time for at least 4 topics.


Note that it's not the expected goal of the meeting to find final solutions, but more to ensure that there is a common understanding of the issue at hand and move the discussion forward in ways which are hard to achieve with less real time communication tools.

Meetings will happen each Thursday at 17:00 CET (+01:00) on the #symfony-dev channel on the Freenode IRC server.

The IRC logs will later be published on the trac wiki, which will include a short summary for each of the topics. Tickets will be created for any tasks or issues identified during the meeting and referenced in the summary.

Some simple guidelines and pointers for participation:

  • It's possible to change votes until the beginning of the meeting by clicking on "Edit an entry";
  • The doodle will be closed for voting at the beginning of the meeting;
  • Agenda is defined by which topics got the most votes in the doodle, or whichever was proposed first in case of a tie;
  • At the beginning of the meeting one person will identify him/herself as the moderator;
  • The moderator is essentially responsible for ensuring the 15min timebox and ensuring that tasks are clearly identified;
  • Usually the moderator will also handle writing the summary and creating trac tickets unless someone else steps up;
  • Anyone can join and is explicitly invited to participate;
  • Ideally one should familiarize oneself with the proposed topic before the meeting;
  • When starting on a new topic the proposer is invited to start things off with a few words;
  • Anyone can then comment as they see fit;
  • Depending on how many people participate one should potentially retrain oneself from pushing a specific argument too hard;
  • Remember the IRC logs will be published later on, so people have the chance to review comments later on once more;
  • People are encouraged to raise their hand to take on tasks defined during the meeting.

Here is an example doodle.

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.