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API Tokens

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API Tokens

Managing Tokens

The Symfony CLI Tool supports an API Token authentication option to allow it to be used from CI services, automation tools, and directly from application containers.

API tokens are managed on

The Symfony CLI Tool read the API token from the SYMFONY_TOKEN environment variable.


When running commands from any automated system, use the --no-wait flag to avoid blocking the process. When running a command in a SymfonyCloud cron task, always use the --no-wait flag.

Using the CLI Tool on Application Containers

A common use case for API tokens is to allow the Symfony CLI Tool to be run on application containers.

Set the SYMFONY_TOKEN environment variable first:

$ symfony var:set SYMFONY_TOKEN=API_KEY_VALUE --sensitive --env=master

You can now run a command from within the shell on the application container, or via a cron hook (the project and the environment are auto-detected).

Some typical use cases: create snapshots and renew SSL certificates.

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