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On SymfonyCloud each project can have several users, when a development team works on a project, the project owner can decide to give access to other team members, which can in turn add other members.


After a new user is added to a project, it needs to be rebuilt. Rebuilds are triggered when you deploy a new commit to the environment in question. To be able to rebuild without new code changes you can issue the command git commit --allow-empty -m'rebuild' && symfony deploy to create an empty commit and "force" rebuilding the environment.

When the environment rebuild is complete, allow a minute for the routes to update fully and for the new user to be able to use SSH access.

Manage user with the CLI

You can use the SymfonyCloud command line client to fully manage your users and integrate this with any other automated system.

Available commands:

  • user:add Add a user to the project
  • user:delete Delete a user
  • user:list (users) List project users

For example the following command would add [email protected] to the current project.

$ symfony user:add [email protected]

Email address/Username: [email protected]
Role: admin

WARNING You are going to be charged for adding a user to the project.

Do you confirm? [Y/n] y

Once this has been done the user will receive an email providing them instructions to setup the project locally.

Ownership Transfer

If you want to transfer the ownership of a project to a different user, invite the user and submit a support ticket to ask for the ownership transfer.


The owner account is locked and you can't remove their access before the transfer is completed.

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.