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Frequently Asked Questions


For questions related to billing, please head to the Billing FAQ section.

What is accounted in the storage quota?

Your storage quota (as shown by symfony project:info) grants a maximum storage capacity per environment. For example, the default project storage quota of 5GB grants 5GB for each environment created.

This quota is shared by your services and applications. Each one defines its own quota using the disk configuration key. The sum of these quotas can not be bigger than your global project quota, in such case, an error message will be shown during symfony deploy.

The space used to store your source code, your application container images, and the temporary files (/tmp) does not account in the storage quota.

How much storage is available in /tmp?

Each container comes with 4GB of temporary storage available at /tmp.

How to rename a project?

You can rename your project using symfony project:rename.

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