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By default, only the production environment (master) can send emails. Outgoing emails need to be explicitly enabled for all other environments:

$ symfony env:setting:set smtp on --env=some-env


Check if outgoing emails are enabled for the current environment by using the env:settings command:

$ symfony env:settings

Environment Variables

The configuration is exposed via the following environment variables:

  • MAILER_ENABLED: 1 if outgoing emails are enabled, 0 otherwise
  • MAILER_DSN/MAILER_URL: The Symfony-compatible mailer URL
  • MAILER_HOST: The SMTP server host
  • MAILER_PORT: The SMTP server port
  • MAILER_TRANSPORT: The SMTP transport mode (smtp)
  • MAILER_AUTH_MODE: The SMTP auth mode (plain)
  • MAILER_USER: The SMTP server user
  • MAILER_PASSWORD: The SMTP server password


On Symfony projects using Flex, install Symfony Mailer:

$ composer require mailer

No further configuration is needed as the default configuration knows how to use the value of MAILER_DSN automatically.


MAILER_URL is also provided for backward-compatiblity with SwiftMailerBundle recipes

For other applications, use MAILER_DSN with Symfony Mailer or use the MAILER_* environment variables to configure your framework of choice.


Avoid using the PHP built-in mail() function to send emails. Even if the PHP runtime is configured to send email via the assigned SendGrid sub-account, mail() is known to be difficult to secure depending on the supplied parameters.

Behind the Scenes

Emails from SymfonyCloud are sent via a SendGrid-based SMTP proxy. Each SymfonyCloud project is provisioned as a SendGrid sub-account. These SendGrid sub-accounts are capped at 12k emails per month.

We do not guarantee the deliverability of emails, and we do not support white-labeling them. Our SMTP proxy is intended as a zero-configuration, best effort service. If needed, you can instead use your own SMTP server or email delivery service provider. In that case, please bear in mind that TCP port 25 is blocked for security reasons; use TCP port 465 or 587 instead.


You may follow the SPF setup guidelines on SendGrid to improve email deliverability with our SMTP proxy.

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.