Private Dependencies

Private Dependencies

Some projects use private dependencies requiring authentication in order for packages to be downloaded. While committing these credentials in the Git repository is technically possible, this is considered as a bad practice.

You have two options:

  1. Composer HTTP Authentication
  2. SSH Deploy Key

Composer HTTP Authentication

Composer allows you to define configuration for its builtin authentication mechanism as an environment variable named COMPOSER_AUTH. The content of the variable should be a JSON formatted object containing some specific key objects (see Composer Auth specifications).

Set the Composer authentication by adding a project level variable called COMPOSER_AUTH as JSON and available only during build time:

$ symfony var:set --sensitive --hide-at-runtime \
COMPOSER_AUTH='{"github-oauth": {"": "oauthtoken"}, "http-basic": {"": {"username": "your-username", "password": "your-password"}}}'

Once set, Composer will be able to authenticate and download dependencies from your authenticated repositories.

SSH Deploy Key

Typically, private dependencies are hosted in private Git repositories which require SSH authentication. Fortunately, most private Composer tools (including Satis, Toran Proxy, and Private Packagist) mirror tagged releases of dependencies and serve them directly rather than hitting the Git repository. Therefore, as long as your dependencies specify tagged releases, there should be no need to authenticate against a remote Git repository and there should be no authentication issues.

But shall you need it, this use case is also covered: SymfonyCloud generates one private SSH key per project and provides you with the public key allowing you to authorize it for Git repositories or specific machine accounts. This key is called a “deploy” key as its usage is reserved to deployment. GitHub provides documentation about this feature. You can safely restrict its access to read-only operations.

You can obtain this public key using the CLI:

$ symfony project:deploy-key

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