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A week of symfony #131 (29 June -> 5 July 2009)

Symfony components expanded this week with the addition of the dependency injection container and the event dispatcher. Meanwhile, lime testing tool was heavily updated and its 2.0 experimental branch was created.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r19668: [lime] fixed coverage when a file is not covered at all
  • r19675: [1.3] removed bindRequest method
  • r19690: [1.3] added task.test.filter_test_files event and a method on sfPluginConfiguration for connecting a plugin's tests to the core test:* tasks
  • r19698: [1.3] added sf_file_link_format setting and applied to debug exception template
  • r19701: [1.2] fixed sfMemcacheCache set() method
  • r19702: [lime] fixed file/line information
  • r19716: [lime] changed the lime_harness constructor signature to allow more flexibility
  • r19717: [1.3] updated the lime_harness() code to use the new constructor signature
  • r19720: [lime] added a verbose mode to lime_harness
  • r19721: [1.3] moved test:* tasks to use the new lime verbose mode
  • r19762, r19764: [1.3] added the sfTesterResponse::checkForm() method to verify that a form has been fully rendered to the response
  • r19768: [1.3] fixed possible php warnings in rendering of exception template
  • r19770: [1.3] moved creation of web debug and panel objects earlier in the stack
  • r19774: [1.3] initial entry of the view panel for the web debug toolbar (includes information about parameters passed to templates and partials)
  • r19777: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed warnings when trying to load a non-valid XML file with the XLIFF i18n message source class
  • r19791: [lime] fixed find_caller() method
  • r19792: [lime] changed the lime_test signature for more flexibility, and made it BC
  • r19794: [lime] made lime_harness verbose mode output relative filenames
  • r19812: [1.3] added --rebuild-all option to symfony:test that forces a rebuild of all generated fixture class files
  • r19819: [1.2] reverted the changesets that removed the non-visible fields in the admin generator
  • ...and many other changes

Symfony components

  • dependency injection:
    • r19655: changed the PHP dumper to always use the getService() method to allow better overriding possibilities
    • r19656: documented the official rules of services ids
    • r19662: refactored YAML loader a bit
    • r19667: fixed placeholder escaping
    • r19669: fixed dumping special PHP values to XML
    • r19676: fixed the Graphviz dumper when some services do not exist
    • r19677: optimized the PHP dumper
    • r19679: added unit tests (100% coverage)
    • r19686: changed the subpackage element of all classes
    • r19700: added full documentation for the component
    • r19725: added a --verbose option support to the prove.php script
  • yaml:
    • r19674: fixed dumping an array when a key or a value is the string 'null' or '~'
    • r19726: added a --verbose option support to the prove.php script
  • event dispatcher:
    • r19727: added a --verbose option support to the prove.php script
    • r19789: moved tests, added a coverage script, and made sure we have 100% code coverage
  • request handler:
    • r19851: added the component structure

Development digest: 240 changesets, 25 bugs reported, 12 bugs fixed, 6 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 8 documentation defects reported, 22 documentation defects fixed, and 40 documentation edits.


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  • New plugins
    • sfSOAPjrPlugin: allows the creation of SOAPjr ( services within a Symfony application.
    • sfBootstrapPlugin: provides a task to bootstrap an application with plugins,tasks and shell commands.
    • sfDoctrineEditableComponentPlugin: allows to set up edit-in-place components (plain or wysiwyg) using some cool libs like jQuery, jEditable, jWysiwyg and the Doctrine ORM for persistence.
    • jeMinifyJsCssPlugin: unobstrusive javascript/stylesheet minifier
    • ahBugTrackerPlugin: integrates bug tracker capabilities in your symfony applications.
    • sfRPXPlugin: implements the RPX login system which handles the UI, authentication, and import of user profile and registration data for your website.
    • sfAdminPlugin: offers an alternative to the admin generator.
    • csSettingsPlugin: allows the easy use of a basic dynamic settings table.
  • Updated plugins
    • swDoctrineAssetsLibraryPlugin: fixed csrf bug in quickAddForm of sidebar_list, fixed filesize round bug, added csrf token test
    • sfWidgetFormInputSWFUploadPlugin: fixed bug with assets path and url helper not found in widget
    • sfAmfPlugin: updated SambreAmf to 1.3 and fixed some smaller problems
    • csDoctrineActAsAttachablePlugin: fixed PHP warning, fixed typos in handleRequest funtion, fixed deprecated warning in 1.3
    • pkToolkitPlugin: started styling pkadmin, needed jQuery UI for the rich date picker widget, overhauled pkAdmin, wow pk-event button, added tag suggestion and multi-select default styles
    • sfZendMailPlugin: moved back to original zend framework load method because autoload.yml is too heavy, fixed problems with app.yml, added missing dispatchers
    • pkMediaPlugin: added missing styles for sidebar, tweaked pkMediaItem, fixed selection overlay bug, cleared media selection toolbar
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: updated layout, sitewide search box label behavior
    • sfPaymentPlugin: created initial repository structure, created basic plugin structure, removed sfTransactionManager class and created event listeners instead
    • spyFormBuilderInterface2Plugin: fixed default context on symfony propel:build-forms
    • sfTwitterAuthPlugin: updated documentation
    • sfLimeExtraPlugin: annotated test files can now contain class and function definitions, fixed control structures like try and if, fixed classes may extend or implement, made it possible to comment out annotations with multiline comments, fixed the magic variable $this is ignored, changed existing tests to use lime_test_simple, lime_test_simple::getScriptPath() now relies on the back traces, updated README, fixed classes with construtors can be mocked
    • csNavigationPlugin: bug fixes, usability fixes
    • sfPropelMigrationsLightPlugin: fixed migrate task to support symfony 1.2
    • sfGuardPlugin: fixed login method when called from an Ajax request
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed login method when called from an Ajax request
    • crJossoPlugin: allow to logout whithout credentials
    • sfDoctrineGraphvizPlugin: added test cases, removed trailing whitespaces, added test for many to many relation
    • sfSocialPlugin: fixed tests, enhanced event module, fixed some message module bugs, added/improved functional tests for Message, Contact, and Event modules
    • pkMediaCMSSlotsPlugin: made the slideshow more flexible
    • swToolboxPlugin: updated configuration file, added menu feature to standard plugin, added swExtraMenu components
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: added is_array test on item values, fixed bug when merging html attributes for items, added "button_set" transformer for select widgets, moved widget classes into a better folder tree, unit tests clean up
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: fixed bug in schema, removed old validate dir

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