A week of symfony #157 (28 December 2009 -> 3 January 2010)

Symfony project enjoyed this week a well deserved vacation. Therefore, the solely development activity was provided by new and updated plugins.

Development mailing list

Development digest: 215 changesets, 22 bugs reported, 12 bugs fixed, 4 enhancements suggested, 3 enhancements closed, 6 documentation defects reported, and 13 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • Piyush Thakker ([email protected]): I'm a Freelance with 3+ years of experience in web based systems and services in PHP, Joomla, Symfony, Magento. I work with Symfony for a year and a half.

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
    • sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin: provides all the functionalities of a short url service similar to tinyURL: shortening and validation.
    • dmChessPlugin: Chess game plugin (provides a graphical HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT client, and an Artificial Intelligence server).
    • sfTwitterOAuthPlugin: (no description)
    • ysJQueryUIPlugin: provides support for jQuery User Interface in your app views; Importing the jquery.ui library facilitating abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications.
    • tjSolrDoctrineBehaviorPlugin: provides a Doctrine behavior to easily index and search model objects in the Solr search engine.
    • sfQuizPlugin: allows you to manage a quiz, where you can select the number of players and the number of questions to ask each player. It can be used both for quiz game, which for quiz teaching or learning checking.
    • sfTaskTrackerPlugin: (no description)
    • tdGuestbookPlugin: provides funcionalities for a standard guestbook.
    • sfFileTrunkPlugin: provides a central access point to all your uploaded files and files can be delivered easily through actions rather than exposing directly the file structure of your application. This enables you to keep better track of uploaded files and easier access to them.
    • sfProtoculousPlugin: offers native sfProtoculousPlugin from symfony 1.3 core as a separate plugin for Symfony 1.4.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfSympalPlugin: refactored code to manage the enabling of Sympal plugins to allow more flexibility with which plugins the user wants to enable, frontend inline editing improvements, introduced markdown editor and ability to change a slot type, implemented tiny mce rich text editor slot type, removed class_exists() call due to performance problem in dev mode because of symfony autoloading, changed editor and inline edit bar to be floating and draggable with remembered position, added fancybox and button to show sitemap from editor, initial entry of sfSympalAssetsPlugin and asset related functionality, added meta titles for admin modules, changed controls for frontend inline editing to be positioned with the debug toolbar, added ability to configure default layouts by route name in app.yml, added ability to insert assets and links, fixed change language dropdown in inline edit bar, allowed uploading of files and directory creation from frontend, added close button to inline edit bar dropdown menus
    • sfSympalBlogPlugin: fixed formatting of date
    • sfPropel15Plugin: fixed configuration initialization, fixed double insertion of a constant by Propel and the PropelSymfonyBehavior, changed externals to use the Propel SVN
    • sfLucenePlugin: fixed duplicate variable type definition, fixed bug with 'per page' detection in the pager + add php docs
    • tdCorePlugin: fixed random numbers generating, changed plugin file structure (separated images into 16x16 and 48x48), updated image set for admin
    • diemPlugin:
      • added the dmAdminHomepageManager service
      • added dm.admin_homepage.filter_windows event
      • made dmMicroCache->clearCache method public
      • modified module manager config handler to add the "front" option which allows to disable front module generation
      • fixed dependencies in some models
      • added options to admin foreign relation partial
      • made dmValidatorUrlLink accept simple anchor links
      • made some changes to prevent bugs when using several projects with same directory name on the same server
      • added dmProject::getHash() and dmProject::getNormalizedRootDir methods
      • prepared test project for continuous integration
      • moved dmCorePlugin/lib/plugins to dmCorePlugin/plugins
      • moved dmUserPlugin to dmCorePlugin/dmUserPlugin
      • fixed config path order
      • updated dmAlternativeHelper test suite
      • improved application configuration Diem plugin loading system
      • added credentials to pages
      • added dmFrontActions->secure and dmConfigurable->getOrSetOption methods
      • moved page logic from DmFrontPageHelper to DmPage->isSource & DmPage->isChildOfSource
      • improved performance on dmString->transliterate
      • removed deprecated install.php (replaced with install)
      • improved dmMenu
      • removed deprecated class dmHtmlMenu
      • added admin_menu, front_add_menu and front_code_editor_file_menu services
      • replaced dmHtmlMenu with dmMenu for all menu services
      • fixed the generator.yml output if i18n fields are embeded
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: renamed the adapters, changed base file to use new adapter classes, added transparency fix, implemented manual rotate for GD transform when imagerotate is not available
    • tdVisitorCounterPlugin: fixed DQL query bug for daily stats
    • npAssetsOptimizerPlugin: added a mandatory application argument to the assets:optimize task to avoid processing assets optimization from the wrong application configuration, fixed a bug which prevent to understand the enabled configuration setting for optimizers, fixed a typo in the file name of the npDriverAdvPNG class
    • sfPropelActAsSortableBehaviorPlugin: fixed bug when used on a model that takes advantage of Propel's support for single table inheritance, added new version for Propel 1.3, removed unnecessary (int) operators, added setScopeId() method
    • mgI18nPlugin: changed the finder base search folder
    • ncPropelChangeLogBehaviorPlugin: updated README
    • sfEasyMarkdownPlugin: fixed a bug when displaying <, > and & characters
    • sfEasyCommentsPlugin: added support for symfony 1.4, refactored comment list display, added render_latest() method to allow displaying a global overview of latest comments from all placeholders
    • sfApplicationMap: preparing for 1.1.1 release, added configuration, updated README
    • sfJQueryReloadedPlugin: added configuration to set where jquery and plugins are loaded from
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: fixed base task to satisfy new doctrine cli usage, removed deprecated argument from function call, added getIdentifier() method, updated db tasks to return "not ok" status to command line on error
    • sfDoctrineTreePlugin: update for Symfony 1.3 compatibility
    • sfWidgetFormInputSWFUploadPlugin: included new swfupload v2.5b

New symfony powered websites

  • Diem Chess: (English) the demo site of the open source Chess plugin for Diem 5.0

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Two new useless plugins with any description. WTF?
@Zuzanna - i don't wish to patronise but.... sfTwitterOAuthPlugin: is quite self-exaplanatory in it's own right.

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