A week of symfony #167 (8->14 March 2010)

Symfony project unveiled this week some new details about its console, routing, output escaper and request handler components during the ConFoo conference.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

Symfony 1.X branch:

  • r28508: [YAML] fixed parsing of folded scalars when a # sign starts a line (reverted)

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • dad7..f678: [ProfilerBundle] allows the BundleStorage to use PDO_SQLITE as well as SQLite3 and fixes a bug in purge()
  • 2bc4..8a4e: [Routing] changed matching to only check for method if it is available in the context
  • 0d05..6422: [Routing] added requirements checking when generating a route
  • d229..2430: [Console] added __get() to Command to have shorter and more readable code in commands
  • fff1..37c0: [DoctrineBundle] fixed the overridding of an Entity

...and many other changes

Development digest: 112 changesets, 24 bugs reported, 6 bugs fixed, 2 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 7 documentation defects reported, and 37 documentation edits.


New Job Postings

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
    • sfDoctrineRevisitedGeneratorPlugin: adds an extra theme to sfDoctrineGenerator, which adds the capability of the show action.
    • apostropheFormBuilderPlugin: (no description)
    • apostropheBlogPlugin: (no description)
    • dcSwishPlugin: allows you to index files on the filesystem of the server and search by keywords. This can be done using a module provided by the plugin.
    • sfWidgetFormjQueryDatePickerPlugin: small plugin to use jQuery's date picker in symfony. It is based on sfWidgetFormJQueryDate.
    • sfjQueryDoctrineAdminPlugin: a jQuery based admin for Doctrine, using javascript and ajax (soon) to have more friendly interfaces.
    • rcParallelTaskPlugin: allows to create task that can fork for parallel processing. It provides an easy way to create as many child as you want and a simple queue and lock system.
    • gyImagenePlugin: (no description)
    • sfUserOnlinePlugin: allows you to manage user status by changing user class in your factories.yml to sfUserOnline. This class extends sfUser class and you don't drop any user logic.
    • vjCommentPlugin: it provides a comment behavior. Now, everything is commentable!
    • sfPropelCachePlugin: use a Propel connection for symfony caching.
    • sfdisichartPlugin: creates chart based on Highcharts-1.1.3 javascript library.
    • xtDojoPlugin: (no description)
    • fzDoctrinePagedRoutePlugin: provides route and route collection classes which makes it easy to create routes for paged lists and their elements.
    • sfImageTransformExtraPlugin: provides all means to configure any set of thumbnail formats with all possible transformations in a YAML file. All these configured settings can be applied to any kind of source image using a nice URL schema.
  • Updated plugins
    • mgI18nPlugin: removed doctrine files, fixed connection access, removed __() helper dependency in the action, fixed issue with queries, updated yaml configuration, fixed learning mode insert when debug is true, added date management, add German translation, updated UPGRADE file
    • sfAmfPlugin: added generator to create services for all tables, renamed function in sfAmfPluginPropelGenerator, added ValueObject generator based on schema, added Doctrine Value Object generator stub, updated Propel ValueObject generator, made some refactoring on tasks/generators, added base services generator, amfBrowser display service parent methods
    • sfTrafficCMSPlugin: addon class to provide groups access checking, models are auto-configured by default now, tinymce uses sensible defaults, added home action
    • sfFCKEditorPlugin: added default path to fckeditor
    • sfMinifyPlugin: updated google minify, updated for symfony 1.3 and 1.4, enabled config param for js and css, added asset versions key, fixed docs for asset version, added default asset version
    • sfDoctrineMasterSlavePlugin: updated slave accessor to accept a connection as an argument like the master accessor
    • sfJSLibManagerPlugin: added check for sfContext instance before requesting it
    • psToolboxPlugin: added psNamedCache::removePattern()
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: fix to property typo, improvements to computeTargetSize method
    • sfDoctrineJCroppablePlugin: added some checking that images exist & target location is writable, fixed permissions checks for importing images from data/images dir
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added grid cell wrap to combobox editor fields
    • sfMapFishPlugin: small fixes for 1.4 better compatibility
    • csDoctrineSlideshowPlugin: first step towards making this plugin 1.4-compatible
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: removed spinner "text align" inline css rule, fixed related choices (IE & chrome)
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • added PDF slot and gave slideshow meta a common class to help with styling
      • cleaned up PDF Slot to work better with IE6
      • properly return no media ids when attaching media items to other objects
      • properly return no media items for an empty list of ids when attaching media items to other objects
      • persistent file upload image previews now use the same format as the original
      • new aArray::getChoices method accepts objects and returns an associative array with ids as keys and the result of getName() on each object as values
      • added an OPTION to the slideshow slot to display a position counter between the arrow
      • added position indicator option to the slideshow and a slot class of 'single-image' to the slideshow if there is only one image in it for styling purposes
      • added single image slideshow margin adjustments
      • engines now work when the CMS is not mounted at the root of the site
      • listToHashById now takes an optional second parameter ($method) which allows you to call something other than 'getId' to get the id
      • aMultipleSelectAll and aMultipleSelect no longer require options
      • aMultipleSelect now supports an 'onChange' option
      • all of the static text emitted by the UI is now I18N
      • all of the dates and times are now I18N by default
      • constraints are now emitted as a list rather than attempting to force English grammar and a comma-separated list with "and."
      • all apostrophe forms can now at least limp along (with warnings) with no parameters to the constructor
    • apostropheBlogPlugin: initial support for categories, fixed the feed and made changes to sidebar categories, fixed rss feed for blog index, properly handling media attachment post MediaAPI, added images to recent posts component, fixed pagination for old blog plugin, initial filter dropdown prototypes, changes to blog plugin to support uncategorized category, changed excerpts so that full body won't be shown if excerpt is excluded, ported Blog engine category filter to Blog Events, calendar engine page settings form, recent news is reverse chronological, added 'categories' and 'notCategories' parameters to the recent posts component
    • apostropheFormBuilderPlugin: added sfDoctrineActAsCommentablePlugin, added photo upload for user profiles, formatted comments for chat module
    • sfSympalPlugin: fixed oldCulture is not set when changing content edit language, beginning rendering tests on asset object, changed javascript variables to not be generic so that they don't crash against project-used variables, fixed a bug where you couldn't set a default_value for a column content slot, added tinymce save trigger, fixed bug where column slots didn't respect widget and validator of slot type, added a "Column" slot type which leaves slot widget/validator to its default, fixed the editing of slots on the backend, added a config value to set the default edit_mode for any content slot, fixed inline slot bug with TinyMCE and eliminated some javascript from the template

New symfony powered websites

  • Tokio Group Ltd: (Dutch) webdesign & IT Solutions Company
  • Versicherungsvergleich: (Deutsch) a guide for insurances and financial topics
  • Singles: (Deutsch) magazine and platform for Singles
  • Skycheck.com Flight Search: (Deutsch) finds and compares cheap flights all over the world
  • Plancake: (English) free online todo list and tasks manager. It is open source, free, simple-to-use and feature rich.
  • Stig Facts: (English) interesting Facts about BBC Top Gear's Tamed Racing Driver called The Stig

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