A week of symfony #180 (7->13 June 2010)

Symfony 2 development was focused this week on its bundles, mostly WebBundle (it added the init:application command), TwigBundle (synced with the latest updates of Twig) and PropelBundle. Meanwhile, symfony community continued prepping conference hubs for the upcoming Symfony 2 online conference.

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Development highlights

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • a79ad89: added a way to run tests that depends on external libraries
  • b057ef6, a7e5f81: [DependencyInjection] changed the extension mechanism to allow an extension to be inherit and merge from an existing configuration
  • 294e54f: [TwigBundle] fixed service names
  • 409a742: [ZendBundle] updated the Zend Framework bundle to use ZF2
  • 28f4bcc: renamed culture to locale
  • b86880d: [TwigBundle] updated the bundle according to the latest version of Twig
  • 6d5f186: [DoctrineBundle] removed array_reverse from DoctrineExtension so src/Application/SomeBundle/Entities/Entiy.php is favored over src/Bundle/SomeBundle/Entities/Entity.php
  • 50610bc: [SwiftmailerBundle] removed the need for adding the swiftmailer path to the include path
  • a78f886: [WebBundle] fixed default skeleton
  • e3c2e40: [Foundation] added Kernel::__clone()
  • defa307: [WebBundle] added some black magic to remove the boiler plate code needed in end user functional tests
  • 77d3f92: added a way to easily change the environment and the debug flag in functional tests
  • 075edbc: [TwigBundle] updated the bundle to take advantage of the latest Twig version
  • ca00e20: [PropelBundle] removed need for custom autoloader since Propel now supports namespaces
  • 3a35c32: [PropelBundle] added more details in the README
  • d3f9431: [PropelBundle] removed old model autoloader
  • 6ec9b99: fixed coding standards for XML and YAML files
  • b48cc5b: [WebBundle] added a command to initialize a new application

...and many other changes

Development digest: 51 changesets, 13 bugs reported, 5 bugs fixed, 2 enhancements suggested, 5 documentation defects reported, 5 documentation defects fixed, and 13 documentation edits.


New Job Postings


  • New plugins
    • sfVkontaktePlugin: it was made to strongly simplify the development of VKontakte applications.
    • akDoctrineTemplateCacheInvaliderPlugin: allows to configure dynamic Symfony templates cache invalidation on Doctrine objects persistence operations. In other words, you can quite easily define which cached templates will be deleted when your models will be updated.
    • sfPlinkPlugin: simple class to short url with plink.es
    • sfDoctrineNestedSetPlugin: provides additional funcionality to Doctrine's NestedSet behavior. Currently, it adds a widget which formats the nested set according to its hierarchy, and a validator which follows the NestedSet behavior.
    • sfSocialMediaPlugin: retrieves feeds from various sources like Twitter and Facebook. Useful for CMS and blogs to display a user(s) feed.
    • sfDoctrineGuardLoginHistoryPlugin: Provides an additional table that stores information everytime an sfGuardUser logs in.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin: updated README
    • sfTrafficCMSPlugin: added useAvailableFields which checks if the widget exists before trying to use it
    • sfPHPUnit2Plugin: assignments to lime_test changes
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: non filter fixes for jsonCombo, improved phpname support for sorting and jsoncombo
    • mtAlertPlugin: the main css theme has been modified to work on IE7, improved styles for default theme
    • pmPropelGeneratorPlugin: forms now renders according to it's form formatter, actions are showed up according to the model
    • srPageChooserPlugin: disabled dragging of tree nodes, allowing any potential editor to access the page tree
    • sfAlyssaJqGridPlugin: new options in configure method
    • sfProjectAnalyserPlugin: started refactoring
    • swFormExtraPlugin: updated validator due to method name update in Doctrine
    • sfFileTrunkPlugin: changed underlying image transformation to sfImageTranform plugin, added more features in the image thumbnailing
    • ExtjsGeneratorPlugin: added one-to-one and many-to-one support for list and sorting, implemented automatic one-to-one filters and filter methods, added grouping/select support to ExtjsWidgetFormPropelChoice, moved getColumnParams into a static class, added new group_by parameter to comboAction, added many-to-one support to filters
    • sfSympalPlugin:
      • i18n: fixed a very deep bug related to form translation
      • menu: fixed a bug where disabling menu cache caused errors when trying to clear the cache
      • recaptcha: removed the captcha functionality entirely from sympal
    • diemProject:
      • front: fixed navigation in search result template
      • front: fixed possible notice when caching widgets
      • upgraded symfony and sfWebBrowserPlugin
      • core: fixed cache issue on search results
      • core: resolved bugs with generated BaseForm validator due to symfony change
    • apostropheBlogPlugin:
      • fixed routing problem with date pager for events
      • fixed misnamed value for categoryColumn
      • edited meta data to only show end dates when it is different from the start date address
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • fixed declaring page in aEngineActions makes it unavailable to engine templates
      • getAccordionInfo no longer gets confused about whether it's found the specified root or not
      • fixed a bug with the slideshow slot where if no width parameter is specified in a page template when calling the slot an undefined index would come up
      • tweaked the cropping interface
      • the slot components were respecting app_a_new_slots_top, but the slot save action was not
      • fixed issue where navigation component for tabs and accordion were not outputting ancestor classes
    • sfJqueryFormValidationPlugin: continued work on new version for 1.4, fixed issues with post validator, tweaked handling for custom date method
    • sfSslRequirementPlugin: added 1.3 branch, fixed use of security parameters

New symfony powered websites

  • YoungACL: (French) website dedicated to young people around the ACL (Automobile Club de Luxembourg), with CMS, news, competitions and more
  • Gutschein Wurst: (Deutsch) Voucher and Coupon Code Portal
  • Trecetas: (Spanish) Cooking recipes search engine
  • Toms Bike Corner: (Deutsch) Bike Shop (search spider developed with symfony)
  • Fahrrad Tipps: (Deutsch) search spider developed with symfony

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