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A week of symfony #186 (19->25 July 2010)

Symfony2 routing management was completely revamped this week with new loaders, methods, and configuration. These new loaders were also added to the Dependency Injection component. In addition, Doctrine bundle fixed several bugs and the internationalization component was added.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • b828617: [DoctrineBundle] fixed multiple connections via XML
  • 1bc973e: [DoctrineBundle] added missing driver options (memory, used by sqlite; charset, used by oci) to the supported configuration options supported by DoctrineBundle
  • 7287913: [DoctrineBundle] fixed defect in doctrine:generate:entity where xml extension was added to all mapping types
  • e33894a: [DoctrineBundle] fixed issue with doctrine:generate:entity command when no --fields are specified
  • 216dc0f: [DoctrineBundle, DoctrineMongoDBBundle] made sure proxy directory is created when DI container is being built
  • 93f2d6e: [FrameworkBundle] removed pdo.xml
  • e6cbfd7: [Console] changed CommandTester to allow testing Command classes without the need for an Application
  • 14cecd5: [Routing] refactored loaders: added supports() and setResolver() methods to LoaderInterface, added a LoaderResolver interface, added a Loader base class, DelegatingLoader, ClosureLoader, and PhpFileLoader, refactored the import mechanism for better flexibility
  • 4e3e86c: refactored routing management: now it's possible to disable the default routing, removed the Kernel::registerRoutes() method, added a router entry in (replaces the registerRoutes() method), refactored routing configuration in its own routing.xml file
  • 60c6827, dcaf436: [DependencyInjection] refactored loaders: added supports() and setResolver() methods to LoaderInterface, added a LoaderResolver interface, added a Loader base class, DelegatingLoader, ClosureLoader, and PhpFileLoader, refactored the import mechanism for better flexibility
  • 3f270f5, ef40118: [FrameworkBundle] added a skeleton for configuration in plain PHP
  • bfb081f: [ZendBundle] added Zend\\Translator component

...and many other changes

Development digest: 115 changesets, 12 bugs reported, 1 bug fixed, 1 enhancement suggested, 2 documentation defects reported, and 4 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • Adam Tombleson ([email protected]): Wellington, New Zealand based freelance PHP developer. I've been working with symfony since 1.0.


  • New plugins
    • sfPostgresDoctrinePlugin: extends the sfDoctrinePlugin for Postgres database.
    • magmaPlugin: (no description)
    • pxWymeditorPlugin: provides a new widget to use WYMeditor ( for textareas in your forms.
    • sfGoogleDidYouMeanPlugin: implements easily Google's "did you mean" feature.
    • sfRssCalCreatorPlugin: a modified version of rsscalCreator. That is a PHP class that implements the rsscal (RDF) specification of iCal, RFC2445. Only the calendar event component is implemented.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfDependentSelectPlugin: change value of 'key_method' option to 'getId' for propel compatibility, updated README, bugfixes in sfDependentSelectPropelSource and sfWidgetFormPropelDependentSelect, added multiples selects
    • sfProjectAnalyserPlugin: analysis of lib class of project, added analysis of symfony extended classes
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: base class for doctrine fixtures, add file fixture level to manage just files without defining the database type, fixed _collect_coverage config option
    • fpBuildPlugin: fixed total timer issue, fixed bug with quiet option
    • sfTrafficCMSPlugin: added autoconfig for setting options on datetime widgets as well as date widgets, improved the navigation menu
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed random generator for RememberMe keys
    • ExtjsGeneratorPlugin: added missing il8n helper in bottomToolbarSuccess.js.php, added autoLoadStore config option for gridpanel, added addslashes for handler function definition for toolbar buttons, re-enabled formpanel cleaning onSubmitSuccess, updated fieldhelp to work with checkboxes and radio buttons, added a check to not show the help if the plugin is added to an element but no helpText is present
    • csDoctrineActAsGeolocatablePlugin: revamped of Geolocatable plugin
    • sfErrorNotifierPlugin: refactored version, changed message format, removed test fatal error on init step
    • sfImageTransformExtraPlugin: added release notes and version number for 1.0.6 release, fixed fill and style options from off to ~, fixed boolean parameters for resize options, fixed spare brackets, fixed channel url for sfImageTransformPlugin
    • sfDoctrineActAsRattablePlugin: fixed strict warning for buildLocalRelation
    • sfRedisPlugin: upgraded to latest Predis script, try a mix between sfPager / redis / Doctrine
    • sfSphinxPlugin: fixed sort in Doctrine pager
    • dsExtDirectPlugin: fixed issue where zero-length tree requests might generate an error
    • gbI18nRoutePlugin: code clean up
    • sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: updated sfJqueryReloadedPlugin to have the last version of jquery ui that was released for 1.3.2
    • sfDbDesignerAlternativePlugin: fixed xsl issues with decimal type and scal
    • diemProject:
      • fixed issue when dropping medias in admin record page
      • added Bulgarian translation
      • dmMailTemplate now works with dm_i18n_form = 'embed' parameter
      • generator.yml changed thru a symfony dmAdmin:generate --clear=dmMailTemplate
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • cropping is usable now, at least when constraints are in place
      • fixing duplicated slideshow media item selection
      • fixed bug with button slot outputting empty markup
      • fixed accessibility bug with search partial
      • fixed the navigation page titles were not encoding html entities properly when outputting a page title with an ampersand in it
      • new aDate::mysql() method takes a PHP timestamp, MySQL datetime or MySQL date (defaulting to now) and returns a MySQL datetime format string suitable for calling setCreatedAt() or similar
      • removed remember me button from the signin form because it does not work
      • changed the default fck toolbar for sidebar
      • aArray::isFlat checks whether an array is a flat array
      • fixed a bug with aString.class.php where the ellipses encoded character getting appended to truncated strings was missing the ending semicolon
      • updated the aHtml::limitWords to accept the append_ellipses option that aString::limitWord already accepts
      • fixed a bug with aMultipleSelect, the javascript was using method that is not available in all browsers
      • email obfuscator was generating random GUIDs for the email mailto links
      • updated jquery UI to be the last version released to work with jquery 1.3.2
    • apostropheBlogPlugin:
      • upcoming events query is added unless filtering by date
      • permalink displayed in post and event editor now displays the date in the url
      • made it easier to override engine settings forms
      • updated blog plugin to use jquery ui 1.7.3 by default if it is not set in settings.yml
      • published_at now has a default value
      • altered formating of dates in event admin
      • fixed event admin was using a blog route for removing filters

New symfony powered websites

  • RestInBook: (English, and Spanish) Post a remembers or photos to a late's by twitter or via web

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is there documentation of the new routing changes.
@MySchizoBuddy: we have only made internal changes, no change for the end user API.
is Zend_Locale being used for internationalization.

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