A week of symfony #220 (14->20 March 2011)

This week, Symfony2 gained a new intl extension stub, which will prevent some possible problems related to the intl extension requirement. In addition, the new event manager was committed, probably being one of the last major changes of Symfony2 code. Lastly, the symfony-docs repository also received lots of commits, as Symfony2 stabilization allows expanding and improving its documentation.

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • 481bb4c: [WebProfilerBundle] introduce a template for toolbar items
  • f752dd3: [Profiler] profilers now return a status which is used for visual feedback (reverted)
  • 5b39894: [WebProfilerBundle] added shortcuts to the panels in the toolbar
  • b04a647, 36d51d7: [WebProfilerBundle] create a configuration panel
  • 0f0539f: [FrameworkBundle] added lots of information for the user after init:bundle
  • 138ef0d, f657d0e: [DoctrineBunble, DoctrineMongoDBBundle] improved output of doctrine:mapping:info command
  • d2cc5a0, 629451a: [DoctrineBundle, DoctrineMongoDBBundle] improved error exceptions thrown when loading data fixtures
  • 25931ca, 699e046, 06c682b, 663b0a9: [EventDispatcher] committed the new event manager
  • 157f001, 73464f4: first commit of the PHP intl extension stub
  • 19aa266: [DoctrineBundle] use the first entity manager as default one when no configuration is set
  • ed4e945: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] use the first document manager as default one when no configuration is set
  • f4e4a2a: refactored ConfigCache and optimized container:debug task
  • 98216a9: [DependencyInjection] refactored some more exceptions
  • cef7089: [HttpKernel, FrameworkBundle] added method getContainerClass and parameter kernel.container_class
  • d1ebc8d, bbfb1ff: added abstract PDO profiler storage, updated sqlite storage and added a mysql storage. Updated profiler config in framework bundle
  • 345e2d3, 44c95f9, 39504fc, 11f42a8, db27b4d: [SecurityBundle] tweaked WDT security tab
  • 5c2e089: [DoctrineBundle] added a way to register custom DQL functions through the configuration
  • b638cf0: [SecurityBundle] made realm configurable for HTTP basic and digest authentication
  • 2610e1b: [SecurityBundle] made user and credentials configuration for X509 authentication
  • 2cf0601: [SecurityBundle] made the anonymous key parameter configurable and random by default
  • 61abc3d: added the global variable in PHP templates too
  • 28d9b33: [FrameworkBundle] made the profiler easily configurable
  • df08655: added a DataCollector for the SwiftmailerBundle
  • e8b0b48: [HttpKernel] moved exception management logic to its own method
  • de57480: [FrameworkBundle] removed EventSubscriber support for DI tags because it currently cannot be implemented
  • ab57e5c: [HttpKernel] added more code documentation to the HttpKernel events
  • 466f1b9, 1219b98: [Security] fixed method names in the Firewall listeners
  • 1e0ed22: [Config] component refactoring. The Config component API have changed and the extension configuration files must be updated accordingly
  • 65681cd: [Console] added output formatter interfaces
  • e5700b8: [Console] implemented output formatter style class for defining custom styles
  • 4fe2efd: [Console] implemented output formatter to decorate and format output messages
  • 644cf61, 8b885a9: [Console] updated console output to support new output formatter and styles
  • 6960925: [DomCrawler] updated upload logic to better emulate a real upload by copying the source file to the temp directory
  • 9fd7d05: [Config] ability to add and override node types without having to subclass NodeBuilder
  • 69d324e: [EventDispatcher] added EventDispatcher::removeSubscriber()
  • 136b23e, bd8d2b8: [EventDispatcher] refactored the code
  • 7f52346, d959a3e: [TwigBundle] fixed the cache warmer
  • 20a717e: [WebProfileBundle] added the controller callable name in the WDT
  • 0c8ff92, f36b10a: made the controller name in the WDT clickable
  • e596931: [DomCrawler] enabled removal of form fields to allow emulating javascript in a functional test
  • a56dbec, 7e1c4d5: [Security] removed un-needed event parameter from many interfaces
  • 3fd50ea, e4eee05: [Routing] throw an exception if route config has unsupported keys
  • a505ff4: [Routing] added supported for multiple route annotations for a single controller


New plugins

  • kdDoctrineGuardFacebookConnect: provides an easy way to sign into a symfony 1 application using a Facebook account.
  • dcReferenceModel: makes it easy to implement a set of reference classes which are used as constant and options holders for classes that are accessory to the actual data model.
  • rsPHPUnitLime: provides some test tasks for symfony to test your application with lime but collect your coverage with PHP_CodeCoverage

Updated plugins

  • sfDoctrineRestGenerator:
    • made the XML deserialization less permisive but add support for XML errors, displaying more informations about a Payload parsing error
  • cleverFilesystem:
    • added capacity to append content to existing files
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • added easy tabs
    • showSuccess won't write a form tag anymore
  • sfWidgetFormTree:
    • added checked_key option
  • sfGravatar:
    • auto-create the avatars directory
  • mbpDistributedCache:
    • added missing method to plugin class
  • sfDbQuickAccess:
    • added a quick view into the related yaml definition if it exists
    • fixed exception on empty field search
  • apostrophe:
    • added missing validator
    • fixed media url
    • fixed default value for aMediaTools::getAfter()
    • added slug cache into aCmsRoute
    • fixed the mailto obfuscator bug where you couldn't have the same email multiple times on the same page
    • timepicker now supports being left blank
    • feed slot now has a configurable RSS feed load timeout
  • apostropheBlog:
    • updated the blog getRichTextForAreas to use the getAreaBasicHtml method in the apostrophe plugin
    • updated a comment before a function to more accurate describe what it is diong
    • broke out author from meta intos its own partial for easy project overrides
  • apostropheExtraSlots:
    • added getSearchText and basicHtml methods to the slot model classes
    • fixed a bug introduced into the insetImage slot
    • both insetImage and insetArea can be search indexed now

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