A week of symfony #221 (21->27 March 2011)

Symfony2 accelerated this week its development pace in order to prepare for its final release. Tons of properties and methods were switched from protected to private, the public API started to be tagged (0f231c3), HTTP exceptions were refactored, the first bridges across components were committed (3e5bd67), Twig 1.0.0 was released and even a new version of cache:clear command was added to the framework's utilities.

In addition, some other important changes are still waiting to be committed, such as one mega massive pull request related to forms refactoring.

Lastly, symfony 1.3.10 and 1.4.10 security releases were also published this week, marking the end of the symfony 1.3.x branch development.

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symfony 1 development highlights


Symfony2 development highlights


  • 06bfe82: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added doctrine:mongodb:cache:clear-metadata command
  • b00a903: [FrameworkBundle] removed clearDir() method in some commands (use Filesystem::remove() instead)
  • 45f9c2f, 00d4788, 5a528bc, e520956, 9cf9f67, e4a636a, 85778ca, 6ec84ba: added a cache:clear command
  • b2f5ac8: [Routing] refactored URL matching to support 405 Method Not Allowed responses
  • 10dc18b: [HttpKernel] refactored HTTP exceptions to be more flexible
  • 2217a0d: [FrameworkBundle] updated to support 405 Method Not Found responses
  • f93e4b2: eliminated the need to manually clear the cache if a new controller file containing routing annotations is added
  • 9ee9f55: [FrameworkBundle] added the redirect method back to the base controller
  • 517ce9c: [AsseticBundle] added basic support for globs to bundle notation
  • e159c47: [Routing] fixed UrlMatcher when no method requirement is defined
  • a95f72f: [Routing] added lots of unit tests
  • 98d03d1: [FrameworkBundle] giving a more specific message when a Bundle:Controller:Action controller class cannot be found
  • a229410: fixed finding resources under the main app/ directory. Now, all resources can be stored globally (templates, assets, ...). The new directory is app/Resources/...
  • 3e5bd67, 9595963: moved integration between Routing and Twig to a Symfony Bridge
  • e912b34: moved integration between the Translation component and Twig to a Symfony Bridge
  • 82dec51: moved integration between the Yaml component and Twig to a Symfony Bridge
  • 662a4b3: removed the status message from HttpException, changed the signature so that most useful arguments are first, fixed many small problems introduced with previous HTTP exception refactoring
  • b585752: [Routing] moved most of the properties and methods from protected to private
  • e4a3e0c: [Config] moved most of the properties and methods from protected to private
  • 1b8dc80: [HttpKernel] moved most of the properties and methods from protected to private
  • 55671be: [Templating] updated assets helper to leave protocol-relative URLs untouched
  • a6e6cbb: [HttpFoundation] removed the hardcoded ^ and $ from the RequestMatcher
  • eeca46d: [CssSelector] moved most of the properties and methods from protected to private
  • 639d93c: [Process] moved most of the properties and methods from protected to private
  • 2f8d5cd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed build of config for asset packages
  • 9c6a6e1: [Validator] renamed Execute constraint to Callback
  • 3e29348: [Validator] added support for static callbacks to Callback constraint
  • bedbe51: [Security] ACL: AclVoter::vote only gets an ObjectIdentity if is not an instance of ObjectIdentityInterface
  • 2e1924e: [AsseticBundle] updated for Assetic changes
  • 8d84fdf: [Finder] added Finder::append() method to be able to combine several Finder instances into one
  • 124f1d8, cc46e8d: moved the Filesystem class form FrameworkBundle to HttpKernel (refactored it slightly)
  • 4de468e: [Routing] made the parameters argument of generate() optional
  • 1910e23: [FrameworkBundle] added a title tag to make the default error page just a little bit longer so that chrome displays it
  • 6799090: [SwiftmailerBundle] allow for the Swift_NullTransport to be chosen in the Configuration class
  • 80c1027: [HttpKernel] made the 'no response returned from controller' more explanatory when it's possible that the user forgot a return statement in his/her controller
  • c2579aa: [AsseticBundle] removed the event again


Updated plugins

  • psPageableForm:
    • psPageableForm::isValid() method no more call persist method
    • psPageableFormProcess call psPageableForm::persist() method if form is partially valid
    • new property for psPageableFormProcess: clearValuesOnSuccess (if true, values from persistance strategy will be clear when form is fully valid, otherwise in this case values will be persist)
    • new method psPageableForm::replaceForm(, )
  • mbpDistributedCache:
    • fixed getorcreate method
  • srPageChooser:
    • updating srPageChooserPlugin iframe so that it scrolls in Chrome
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • added default sort on php_name for combo lists
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed the extra newlines bug in rich text slots
    • fixed the language picker form elements were not wrapped in block level elements
    • fixed when using defaultImage in the button slot, there was not alt tag
  • apostropheExtraSlots:
    • made the options the same between insetArea and insetImage for the insetTemplate
  • apostropheBlog:
    • fixed already-defined warningin event calendar

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