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A week of symfony #235 (27 June -> 3 July 2011)

Symfony2 published this week two new release candidate versions, fixing some minor bugs and regressions. Symfony 1.4 branch also released a new maintainance version.

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symfony 1 development highlights


Symfony2 development highlights


  • c3bb214: [DependencyInjection] removed injection for protected and private properties
  • 761724a: [Routing] adjusted urlescaping rules, only + and % are now encoded in generated routes
  • 2b5e22d: [Routing] fixed ApacheDumper when a space appears in a default value
  • 418d6a0: [Routing] fixed syntax error when dumping routes with single quotes in the requirements or pattern
  • 4e7b16f: added 'trans' Twig filters to labels in the widget_choice_options block
  • 339ad86: added missing translator calls in form templates
  • a724774: [Form] fixed guesser when a choice constraint is defined via a callback
  • fb4dea6: [Config] tweaked exception message when a resource can't be loaded

New plugins

  • sfEntityAttributeValue: provides a way to easily create dynamic fields with jQuery Form Builder Plugin and bind then to a specific object (DB line) of your model.
  • sfDoctrineSocial: this is a fork of the sfSocialPlugin, designed to be a feature for feature match built in doctrine.
  • sfSendgridSendMail: symfony library used to send emails with SendGrid.
  • sfAjaxAdminDoctrineTheme: with this plugin, your admin pages will be automatically converted to use AJAX for all user gestures, greatly improving the interactivity and "feel" of your application.
  • sfTodo: simplest and fastest to-do list maker commponent.
  • slI18nAdmin: listing of pre-defined i18n files for editing over admintool.

Updated plugins

  • sfGuardMessages:
    • added a new schema
    • added predefined message priority and type
    • corrected fields on message list
    • set default value for visible_from field
  • sfTrafficCMS:
    • added content table
  • apostrophePeople:
    • completely re-wrote the styles and cleaned up some of the javascript
    • added form validation to new person form
    • switched link validation to aValidatorUrl so 'http://' is automatically added
    • apostrophe:generate-people task now populates all available fields
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed namespacing conflict on the click event
    • changed the conditional to include IE8
    • added a 'multi-image' class to compliment the 'single-image' class set on aSlideshow slots when there is a single image
    • added an app.yml setting to change the less import directory
    • fixed the media layout buttons to use the button sprite instead of hard-coded background images
    • removed redundant and obsolete FCK dependency in button slots

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