A week of symfony #25 (19->25 june 2006)

Development highlights

  • r1513: tagged 0.6.3 release
  • r1502: symfony control panel
  • r1499: sfValidatorManager::validate method supports array type parameters
  • r1496: support for absolute URLs and reverse proxies
  • r1489: added select_number_tag() form helper

Book and documentation

  • r1485: Documented peer_method parameter in admin list configuration
  • r1479: Updated admin refcard with list sort option


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oooh, what's the symfony control panel?
ed, just look at the code : I guess it is a sort of admin panel allowing to graphically perform some tasks like 'clear-cache', 'propel-build-model', 'propel-build-sql', 'init-module', etc.
For all those german programmers out there, i've created a little guide, similar to the "my first project" guide, but just with the contents of:
- building the first project
- initiate a first application
- configure propel for a database

i'll write more guides like this in the near future, for the first time they will only contain easy things like first steps and so on, in the far future i'll write guides for more complex things, based on a project i'm working on right now.

attention: neither is this guide an extact copy of the "my first project"-tutorial, nor is it just a translation. its based on my own experiences, so its some kind of different.

have fun reading it:

ps: i hate my english.

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