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A week of symfony #271 (5->11 March 2012)

This week, symfony 1.4.17 was released to address some issues with the new PHP 5.4 version. In addition, a call to the community was made to help fixing some of the more than 200 pending issues of the upcoming Symfony 2.1.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights


Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • eb759c5: [Propel1] fixed data collector
  • 654beee: [Security] document CSRF protection for LogoutListener
  • 8796276: [SecurityBundle] avoid direct request dependency in LogoutUrlHelper
  • f718859: [HttpFoundation] removed the use of parameter in Request::getClientIp function
  • 77e8742: allowed to set the application error level. This is especially important when dealing with misbehaving libraries as part of legacy integrations
  • 8fb529c, 1ec075d: [ClassLoader] fixed ClassMapGenerator and added suport for traits
  • a5ed6ab: [DoctrineBridge] rewind MongoCursor before use in unique validator
  • c8e74da: [DoctrineBridge] Iterator->current() is not the same as current(Iterator)
  • 876cf96, ca70a35: [EventDispatcher] added fluid interface on dispatch()
  • bc62eff, 0761b8a: [HttpFoundation] completed HTTP status code translation table with all HTTP status codes as defined by the IANA HTTP Status Code Registry
  • 919eee4: [Security] regenerated the ACL SQL schema with the latest Doctrine version

2.0.x branch:

  • a894431: [DependencyInjection] allow parsing of parameters near escaped percent signs
  • d2f8aa3: allow autoload to run without vendors being cloned
  • 7aad478: [Locale] prevent empty bundle
  • ad07a95: [BrowserKit] fixed Client->back/forward/reload() not keeping all request attributes
  • 011791d: [Form] moved the Validator component to the suggest section
  • a827375: [CssSelector] fixed CssSelector::toXPath() when the CSS selector is an empty string

Repository summary: 4,096 watchers (#1 in PHP, #28 overall) and 1068 forks (#1 in PHP, #11 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • fixed dcWidgetFormDateTimePicker with dates as arrays
  • sfSimplePage:
    • added file_path parameter to component
    • updated documentation
  • apostrophe:
    • new 'variant' option to normal view component forces the use of a specific variant
    • added new aUrl::isAbsolute() convenience method
    • added new a-placeholder-for-editors class to be applied to things in the normal view that are not shown to folks without editing privileges
    • the hidden hour and minute select elements of a time picker now accept an updatePicker event
    • made it more obvious when pager arrows are disabled
    • time widgets no longer have random ids, unless absolutely forced to because the item they are enhancing has no id
  • apostropheBlog:
    • when an event start date is changed to come after the end date, the end date is changed to match

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