A week of symfony #28 (09->15 July 2007)

We are happy to welcome a new blogger at symfony-project.com. Javier Eguiluz, well known for its activity on symfony.es, will try to blog regularily about the news in the symfony world, continuing the "week of symfony" series that the earliest adopter already know.

Below is his first post, so please welcome him warmly!

Development highlights

  • r4562: refactored the view sub-framework (added 2 new classes: sfViewParameterHolder and sfEscapedViewParameterHolder)
  • r4578: removed usage of cache system for generators and configuration files
  • r4579: refactored cache framework (new cache interface, added new cache classes, i18n cache is now configurable in factories.yml)
  • r4583: [routing] Made it possible to have a token after a dot separator with a defined suffix (more permissive token name)
  • r4586: added getLifetime() and getBackend() methods to sfCache
  • r4590: removed sfMessageCache class
  • r4592: moved controller logic from the view to the execution filter
  • r4593: changed all ->getContext() calls to ->context in base classes
  • r4594: autoloading refactoring
  • r4597: standardized exception messages
  • r4598: simplified factory config handler
  • r4603: refactored page and action cache
  • r4606: moved all validation logic from the handleAction() to the validateAction() in sfExecutionFilter
  • ...and many other changes

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Welcome Javier !
warm welcome Javier
Bienvenue Javier ;)
Great work Javier. thanks :)
Nice, thanks.

I found dead link:
Symfony Cheat-Sheet - Validagco no Servidor is currently accessible via different URL:
Thanks qube, the link works now ;)

Welcome Javier :D

Thank you very much for all your comments :)

Thank you, and indeed this post makes me feel warm!
eh, sorry, the link was for different cheat sheet as I can see now :-)

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