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A week of symfony #361 (25 November -> 1 December 2013)

This week, the first Symfony 2.4.0 release candidate version was released. Meanwhile, the first ideas and changes for the upcoming Symfony 2.5 version were proposed, such as the new YAML linter and the deprecation of the Apache dumper.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • 8d69bb5: fixed @expectedException class names
  • 5b9a727: [HttpFoundation] when getting the session's id, check if the session is not closed
  • d0c1db8: [FrameworkBundle] fixed the registration of validation.xml file when the form is disabled
  • 2f9bb75: [Form] fixed DateType for 32bits computers
  • 9f35368: [TwigBundle] modified guessDefaultEscapingStrategy to not escape txt templates
  • 4828350: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed js escaping in time.html.twig
  • cd4df11: [Doctrine Bridge] use the correct class name to retrieve mapped class metadata and repository
  • 3447f89: [DomCrawler] fixed extract() method to avoid recalculating count() for each iteration
  • a1b9c2e: [DoctrineBridge] normalized class names in the ORM type guesser
  • 4ba6c0b: [HttpKernel] minor optimalization at bundle initialization

2.3 changelog:

  • 00d79d5: [FrameworkBundle] adjusted CacheClear Warmup method to namespaced kernels
  • e30a7d0: [DependencyInjection] Container::camelize also takes backslashes into consideration
  • 8fd3256: [Validator] replaced the inexistent ClassMetadataFactoryInterface interface with MetadataFactoryInterface
  • 2d6c2aa: [Debug] avoid notice from being eaten by fatal error
  • d7a4cfb: [Debug] ensured that a fatal PHP error is actually fatal after being handled by our error handler
  • a534b55: [Doctrine Bridge] handled the scenario when no entity manager is passed with closure query builder

2.4 changelog:

  • ec43a0c: [HttpKernel] fixed an issue when overriding Client::setServerParameters() and using the getContainer() method in it

Master changelog:

  • 0d8c34b: [SecurityBundle] minor simplification in main configuration
  • 087403b: [Security] fixed typos in Security's ExpressionLanguage
  • d1e5006: [HttpKernel] fixed regression introduced in 2.4 in the base DataCollector class
  • f2d4b32: [Console] fixed undefined offset when formatting namespace suggestions
  • 55a76e7: [HttpKernel] fixed profiler event-listener usage outside request stack context
  • 4c0b44e: [ExpressionLanguage] fixed lexing expression ending with spaces

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