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A week of symfony #375 (03->09 March 2014)

This week the Console component greatly improved the ProgressBar helper and the ClassLoader component added a PSR-4 compatible class loader. Meanwhile, the refactorization of HttpKernel component started with the extraction of the profiler to a new component. In addition, the internal web server added support for HHVM.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 8d99d75: [Form] fixed empty file-inputs getting treated as extra field
  • fa24749: [Yaml] fix for a HHVM bug
  • d014dac: made Cookie stringification more robust
  • 1017d83: [HttpFoundation] added some unit tests

2.4 changelog:

  • 466e5b8: [HttpFoundation] added tests for RequestStack class
  • 16b48d6: [HttpFoundation] added tests for expression request matcher
  • 0edb192: [HttpKernel] fixed unit tests when using phpunit.phar

Master changelog:

  • 0d1a58c: [Console] made ProgressBar formats even more flexible
  • 554b28d: [Console] added a better progress bar
  • 39c495f: [Console] deprecated TableHelper in favor of Table
  • 14caaec: [Console] added the possibility to insert a table separator anywhere in a table output
  • 21784ce: [Console] made it possible to pass a style directly to Table::setStyle()
  • 6102f99: [HttpKernel] fixed serialization of the request data collector
  • 480219f: [Serializer] added support for is.* methods in GetSetMethodNormalizer
  • 6837df3: [ClassLoader] added a PSR-4 compatible class loader
  • 597a310, f039bde: [FrameworkBundle] added a translation:debug command
  • 66798ba: [FrameworkBundle] added HHVM support for built-in web server
  • 84f0902: [Translation] added template for relative file paths
  • 5ea6437: [FrameworkBundle] refactored the built-in web server
  • 0aeb394, e778cf1: [FrameworkBundle] extracted KernelTestCase from WebTestCase
  • 2d42533: [Serializer] added fluent interface to GetSetMethodNormalizer

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