A week of symfony #378 (24->30 March 2014)

This week, the Symfony development activity was frantic: the performance of the service container was improved, max_length and pattern options were deprecated in the Form component, a new UUID validator was added and a new twig:debug command was introduced to list all Twig functions, filters and global variables. Lastly, the addition of a much stricter email validator closed one of the longest running pull requests in Symfony history.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • d685d7d: [Form] cast the group name as a string (this allows options to be grouped by objects)
  • 489b8ae: fixed libxmluseinternal_errors and libxml_disable_entity_loader usage
  • 8e3a395: [HttpKernel] catch exceptions when reloading a no-cache request
  • cefb67a: [DependencyInjection] deprecated file mode update when calling dumpFile
  • 17ed8bf: [Validator] handled array root element
  • 7a2f154: [Validator] fixed ACE domain checks on UrlValidator
  • 97591c1: [Debug] check headers sent before sending PHP response
  • fd1d48b: [DependencyInjection] fixed YamlFileLoader imports path
  • 6dba229: [HttpKernel] made parsing controllers more robust
  • 289da16: [BrowserKit] allowed to override server parameters with the ones provided on request method
  • d9cf28d: [BrowserKit] fixed protocol-relative URLs
  • cc9cc37: [DependencyInjection] avoided Levenshtein comparison when using ContainerBuilder
  • 73d56f7: [Form] fixed bug in ChoiceType triggering a warning when not using utf-8
  • 79540d4: fixed the profiler when an uncalled listener throws an exception when instantiated
  • 8fbea0f: [Process] fixed HHVM usage on the CLI
  • 73189b1: upgraded PHPUnit to version 4 for better HHVM support

2.4 changelog:

  • ad88cdd: [FrameworkBundle] added scheme option to router:match command
  • f66bed7: [Debug] sync with deprecation in DebugClassLoader
  • 5f3be0e: [Security] fixed Exception messages for ObjectIdentity ObjectIdentityInterface

Master changelog:

  • d6fccdd: [Security] fixed ACL storage when using Oracle database
  • 849703a: [Process] when a process fails, check if the output is enabled
  • 52c07c7: [Form] deprecated max_length and pattern options
  • 43451e9: made HttpFoundationRequestHandler a service
  • 81e94d0: [Propel] Model choice accept custom unique column
  • 9bb602f: [Monolog] added explicit swiftmailer flush after ConsoleEvents::TERMINATE
  • 830ab24: [HttpKernel] added UnprocessableEntityHttpException to HttpKernel Exceptions
  • 97591c1: [Debug] check headers sent before sending PHP response
  • 19931c9: [Validator] added new validator for UUIDs
  • b278aa4: [FrameworkBundle] fixed container:debug --parameter not working anymore
  • 3368630, e79b3a9: improved the email validator to allow for strict email validation
  • e7389aa: [Serializer] moved normalizer cache to getNormalier()/getDenormalizer(), use those in normalizeObject()/denormalizeObject()
  • ec42844: [Validator] improved ISBN validator
  • 7d61154: [TwigBundle] added command to list twig functions, filters, globals and tests

Newest issues and pull requests

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 82ec0cd: fixed incorrect character encoding due to transposed arguments for mbstringconvertencoding

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