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A week of symfony #384 (05->11 May 2014)

This week Symfony continued polishing its code for the imminent Symfony 2.5 release. The DebugClassLoader performance was improved, the translation file dumpers added an optional backup and new IDE links were added to improve your productivity as developer.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 239b738: [FrameworkBundle] added more IDE links
  • a605a3d: [Security] added check for supported attributes in AclVoter
  • 894b4a0: [BrowserKit] allowed URLs that do not contain a path when creating a cookie from a string

Master changelog:

  • 418cea1: [TwigBridge] added compile-time issues checking in twig:lint command
  • 25f1d85: added optional backup to the file dumpers via the --no-backup option of the translation:update command
  • 95f3276: [Debug] fixed handling deprecated warnings and stacked errors turned into exceptions
  • 485e047: [Debug] enhanced perf of DebugClassLoader
  • de2410a: [Console] made Helper\Table::setStyle() chainable
  • f800e15: [DependencyInjection] GraphizDumper now displays unresolved parameters

Newest issues and pull requests

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

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