A week of symfony #386 (19->25 May 2014)

This week, Symfony repository created the brand new 2.5 branch in preparation for the imminent publication of Symfony 2.5. In addition, Symfony 2.3.15 and Symfony 2.4.5 maintenance versions were released.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • fad38e8: fixed test cases failing when the Intl extension is not installed
  • 6f56d87: [HttpKernel] fixed file uploads in functional tests when no file was selected
  • 8f706c9, a9de61e: [DomCrawler] added more tests for the XPath filtering
  • 711ac32: [DomCrawler] fixed filterXPath() chaining
  • 80438c2: fixed the XPath filtering to have the same behavior than Symfony 2.4
  • a470ae2: [Validator] fixed StaticMethodLoader on systems that don't have E_STRICT enabled by default
  • b965fa2: [Finder] fixed wrong implementation on sortable callback comparator

2.4 changelog:

  • 5614303: [PropertyAccess] refactored PropertyAccessorTest
  • 5b5a6b6: [PropertyAccess] fixed getValue() when accessing non-existing indices of ArrayAccess implementations
  • f42e588: [PropertyAccess] fixed inverted logic

2.5 changelog:

  • dfa8ff8: [Debug] cleaned up interfaces before 2.5-final
  • e3255bf: [Debug] better ouf of memory error handling
  • bbe1045: use KiB everywhere (instead of kB)
  • e4c6da5: [Validator] improved to-string conversion of the file size/size limit
  • 53b9d73, 3454d60: [Process] deprecated Process::setStdin in favor of Process::setInput
  • ad348a9: [HttpFoundation] implemented session locking for PDO

Master changelog:

  • 4735e56: [HttpKernel] fixed absolute path when we look to the cache directory

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Thanks for this overview. I really like this Week of symfony. I'm already prepairing to update and looking forward to the 2.5 release. Yay :)

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