A week of symfony #413 (24->30 November 2014)

This week, the SymfonyCon Madrid Hackday generated a lot of development activity. Symfony 2.7 was the main focus of this activity, as it added lots of deprecation logs and noticies to ease the transition to the upcoming Symfony 3 version.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 0a76b7e: renamed Symfony2 to Symfony
  • a18b6d1: [DependencyInjection] fixed initialized() with aliased services
  • 1ed7606: [Debug] fixed error message on double exception
  • 388229b: [ClassLoader] define constant only if it wasn't defined before

2.5 changelog:

  • 844aa54: [Console] removed deprecated Dialog usage

2.6 changelog:

  • d3451fc: [WebProfilerBundle] removed usage of app.request in search bar template
  • cd55a81: updated information for the Translation component regarding the new LoggingTranslator class
  • 680fe7a: [DebugBundle, HttpKernel] avoid using container as dependency for DumpListener
  • b753218: [Validator] make DateTime objects represented as strings in the violation message

2.7 changelog:

  • 0dfa7d5: compare version using PHP_VERSION_ID instead of version_compare()
  • 7d9afd7: [FrameworkBundle] added deprecation log in FormHelper
  • b9a6b71: [Process] added deprecation message for Process
  • 0b88a23: [Stopwatch] added __toString on StopwatchEvent
  • 11ba901, dcc1103: adjusted error_reporting to allow deprecation messages for 3.0
  • 4b3f135, a00c954: [Validator] deprecated MetadataInterface and PropertyMetadataInterface
  • 881ed1e: [Validator] deprecated ApcCache
  • a1a4ece: [Console] deprecated TableHelper
  • 8bbbefe: [Validator] deprecated ClassBasedInterface
  • 1d45650: [Form] added deprecation notice on Form::getErrorsAsString
  • b581096: [Validator] deprecated GlobalExecutionContextInterface
  • a3cfe82: [Validator] deprecated some methods of ConstraintViolation
  • 4ef4c2c: [Yaml] added a deprecation note about Yaml::parse() file support
  • 963615a: [Routing] added deprecated trigger for ApacheMatcherDumper and ApacheUrlMatcher
  • 1b42e32: [OptionsResolver] deprecated OptionsResolverInterface
  • 1308310: [Form] added deprecation note about 'virtual' form option
  • 9938179: [HttpKernel] added a deprecation note about RegisterListenersPass
  • 2e47b62: [Validator] deprecated some methods in ValidatorInterface and LegacyValidator
  • 705eb96: [PropertyAccess] added deprecation log for PropertyAccess::getPropertyAccessor
  • a93ab3e: [Validator] added a deprecation note about PropertyMetadataContainerInterface
  • 46f1eb0: [Validator] added a deprecation note on Valid constraint validator for deep option
  • 64a9701: [FrameworkBundle] added deprecation warning on the base controller getRequest method
  • 7ed6d11: [Validator] deprecated ExecutionContextInterface
  • 673c253: [Console] added a deprecation note about DialogHelper
  • 786e509: [Validator] added a deprecation note about ValidationVisitorInterface and ValidationVisitor
  • ba524b8: [DependencyInjection] deprecated some methods in the Definition class
  • 5876f52: [Debug] added some deprecation notes about Debug component classes
  • 07436d7: [FrameworkBundle] added a deprecation warning for the command dumper
  • 21c32b5: [Validator] added a deprecation note about ElementMetadata
  • f216c81: [ClassLoader] added a deprecation note about UniversalClassLoader class
  • 5580a4f: [Locale] added a deprecation note about the Locale component
  • c82dc5e: [Validator] added a deprecation note about setPropertyAccessor
  • 171377d: [Validator] added a deprecation note about MetadataInterface's accept() method
  • 69fa99a: [Console] added a deprecation note about ProgressHelper
  • deeb652: [Validator] added deprecation log for validate and validateValue on ExecutionContext
  • 88b9500: deprecated log methods in the Monolog Bridge and the NullLogger
  • 2267749: [Form] added warning logs about the deprecation of FormIntegration tests
  • cd05026: [Translation] added a deprecation note about Translator's setFallbackLocale

Newest issues and pull requests

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 84ff290: removed usage of getmypid() which is not always available
  • 02824cc: fixed unit tests when iconv is not available
  • 3657ef0: fixed autoloading of unit test classes

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