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A week of symfony #414 (01->07 December 2014)

This week, Symfony included one of the longest-running feature request: the Symfony container no longer contains absolute file paths. This will allow offline cache warmups and chrooting of Symfony applications. Meanwhile, the removal of deprecated features in Symfony 3.x branch continued with some Monolog and Process methods.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • edd7057: [DependencyInjection] made paths relative to DIR in the generated container
  • eda746b, 0fc3369, 0e4f0e7, b034b08: CS fixes and removed unused imports
  • b122262: [SecurityBundle] configured firewall's kernel exception listener with configured entry point or a default entry point

2.6 changelog:

  • 09d1a15: [Filesystem] fixed lock file permissions
  • 2f0b355, 7887a46: [DependencyInjection] partially reverted some performance optimizations

2.7 changelog:

  • 2625193: [FrameworkBundle] updated deprecated security.context service call
  • 88e3314: [Console] improved deprecation warning triggers

Master changelog:

  • 9ecfc84: [Monolog Bridge] removed deprecated log methods + add unit tests
  • e0205ba: [Process] removed deprecated methods

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 4319bb9: fixed the 'for' tag optimizer ('include') function was always optimized

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 5f6a05a: fixed disappearing of embedded images

They talked about us

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