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A week of symfony #419 (5-11 January 2015)

This week, Symfony's development activity continued at record-high levels. The focus was In addition to the usual work on deprecation notices, this week some features were deprecated in 2.7 branch, such as the synchronized services and the ContainerAwareHttpKernel. Twig was completely decoupled from the Templating component and new functions were introduced to generate absolute and relative URLs. Lastly, new maintenance versions were released for all branches: 2.3.24, 2.5.9 and 2.6.3.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 602d687: made help information of commands more consistent
  • 5d0b527: [Security] don't destroy the session on buggy PHP releases
  • 95d8ce3: [Yaml] improved Yaml directive parsing
  • d5e9de2: [Form] set a child type to text if added to the form without a type
  • 9706b09: [PropertyAccessor] added test to allow null value for a array
  • 9ea59ac: [Console] optimized addRow() method of the Table helper

2.5 changelog:

  • 237c315: cleaned up deprecated uses
  • 1f13517: [Validator] marked TraversalStrategy::STOP_RECURSION constant internal
  • d79aa70: [Form] fixed Context\ExecutionContextInterface mock
  • 530af5c: [FrameworkBundle] fixed missing information in some descriptors
  • 555b010: [Form] fixed the CSRF extension to allow using only the new interfaces
  • d5e9de2: [Form] set a child type to text if added to the form without a type

2.6 changelog:

  • 2856cae: cleaned up deprecated uses
  • 57fddbf: fixed deprecation silencing
  • 4e941e3: [Process] fixed input reset in WindowsPipes
  • f46ce9c: [FrameworkBundle] use security.token_storage service in Controller::getUser()
  • 8a168a3: [Form] added back model_timezone and view_timezone options
  • f7fcefa: [FrameworkBundle] added missing support for factories in console descriptions
  • aedabc7: [Form] fixed check of violation constraint

2.7 changelog:

  • 86b9f6b: added deprecation notices for structures to be removed in 3.0
  • cd9617a: [Validator] added more deprecation notices
  • ee27ed8: added an absolute_url() Twig function
  • c71fe0c: [Validator] deprecated the translator implementation in the Validator component
  • 0c50301: [HttpKernel] deprecated ContainerAwareHttpKernel
  • 998dedf: silenced deprecations for getFactory*() BC layer
  • 7b8cf01: enhanced deprecation summary at end of tests
  • bd954aa: [HttpKernel] fixed deprecation notices for ESI classes
  • 98047ae: [EventDispatcher] fixed deprecation notices in the EventDispatcher Component
  • 60bc402: [Form] fixed deprecation triggers, removed usage of deprecated features
  • fd97cef, 16a22cd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed AddExpressionLanguageProviderPass
  • 26fa1a5: [FrameworkBundle] avoided using deprecated classes for reflection
  • 07beabf: [TwigBundle] added missing deprecation notice for the twig.form.resources configuration key
  • d79d2cf: [FrameworkBundle] added deprecation notice on framework.csrf_protection.field_name configuration key
  • 6dc8979, a4139c0, 5aa44ee: bumped min PHP version to 5.3.9 and removed code for PHP < 5.3.9
  • c6f1f69: [Validator] fixed deprecation notices for BuildViolation() calls in constraints
  • 818ca58: [Validator] removed usage of deprecated getMessageParameters() and getMessagePluralization() in unit tests
  • a34220e: [Validator] always use the lazy loading metadata factory
  • 82db9c2: [DependencyInjection] deprecated synchronized services
  • 8d60396: update functional tests configuration files to not use deprecated config keys anymore
  • 861804b: added absolute_url() and relative_path() functions to the Twig extension to manipulate URLs
  • be5a208: Decoupled global variables system in Twig from the Templating one
  • 0d537c4: decoupled Twig from the Templating system

Newest issues and pull requests

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • d2b5906: allowed global after middlewares to return responses like route specific ones
  • b8beefa: excluded Symfony 3.0 from Composer deps
  • 965f589: checked if translation file exists before adding it as a resource

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