A week of symfony #518 (28 November - 4 December 2016)

This week Symfony 3.2.0 was published after six months of intense development activity and including more than 150 new features. Meanwhile, the SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 conference took place and a new project called "Symfony Flex" was announced to improve the way you work with Symfony.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 6d01ad2: [WebProfilerBundle] don't display menu items for empty profiler panels
  • ec937cb: [Validator] ensure the proper context for nested validations
  • 49addbe: [ClassLoader] use only forward slashes in generated classmap
  • c360a22: [Config] ConfigCache::isFresh() should return false when unserialize() fails
  • 5d7f4e1: [TwigBundle] don't register the twig loader twice
  • 5f4d8e9: [Console] fixed wrong handling of multiline arg/opt descriptions
  • 4a7fbdd: [DependencyInjection] PhpDumper::hasReference() shouldn't search references in lazy service
  • fe15381: [Form] fixed "empty_value" option deprecation
  • 7ef0951: [Form] fixed FileType when using the "multiple" option

2.8 changelog:

  • 03c79be: [WebProfilerBundle] increased the maximum allowed width for the dump panel

3.1 changelog:

  • 6459349: [Serializer] removed unused GetSetMethodNormalizer::denormalize
  • e4a2c17: [FrameworkBundle] mark alias as private during creation
  • b699e4b: [Yaml] fixed the inline level for dumped multi-line strings

3.2 changelog:

  • 821e7bb: [WebProfilerBundle] don't use request attributes in RouterController
  • 8c2a77b: [Routing] fail properly when a route parameter name cannot be used as a PCRE subpattern name
  • e62b602: [FrameworkBundle] improved performance of ControllerNameParser
  • 24c40e0: [FrameworkBundle] don't rely on any parent definition for "cache.annotations"
  • ee4ae55: [VarDumper] enhance performance of ExceptionCaster and DataCollector
  • c500a3e: [FrameworkBundle] forbid env parameters in routing configuration
  • 0c1e9ab: [Form] removed unused var cloner property
  • f8b2a18: [WebProfilerBundle] use the VarDumper in the Translator panel

Master changelog:

  • 6a0ee38: [WebProfilerBundle] updated the "Symfony Config" panel in the profiler
  • fe454e4: [Serializer] allowed to specify a single value in @Groups
  • 122fae8: [DomCrawler] added support for formaction and formmethod attributes
  • d6e8937: [Security] added a JSON authentication listener

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Could anyone reveal something about Flex?
@Artem we'll do that soon. Thanks for your patience!

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