A week of symfony #556 (21-27 August 2017)

This week, Symfony focused on the Translation component, adding features to load and dump <note> nodes in XLIFF 2.0 files, and creating a TranslationWriter interface. Meanwhile, container parameters are now case sensitive to match the recent changes made to service IDs and the Config component now allows to deprecate options.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 3ba4112: added timing info in Travis CI results
  • b4452f8: [Validator] fixed use of GroupSequenceProvider in child classes
  • c896664: [VarDumper] improved dumped JS

3.3 changelog:

  • f335451: [DependencyInjection] fixed resolving env vars when compiling a ContainerBuilder
  • 9810018: [DependencyInjection] used GlobResource for non-tracked directories
  • e6d0368: [WebProfilerBundle] readded missing link to the controller
  • 2204f91: [Dotenv, WebServerBundle] override previously loaded variables
  • 420f089: [Dotenv] get env using $_SERVER to work with fastcgi_param and workaround thread safety issues
  • 9db03c1: [Cache] fixed >30 days expirations with Memcached
  • 9151989: [Cache] fixed lazy Memcached connections

3.4 changelog:

  • a675d80: [SecurityBundle] resolved class name parameter inside AddSecurityVotersPass
  • b2fea88: [Translation] added the ability do dump notes in XLIFF 2.0
  • cf1ff43: [Translation] created an interface for TranslationWriter
  • 3946812: [Webprofiler] added blocks that allows extension of the translation profiler panel
  • e8bb73c: removed some sf2 references
  • 481e31c: [DependencyInjection] made parameter names case sensitive
  • 67abb80: [Console] allowed commands to provide a default name for compile time registration
  • 3b6442f: [Translation] added the ability do load notes in XLIFF 2.0

Master changelog:

  • 9a6d3e5: [Config] allowed to deprecate a node

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