A week of symfony #561 (25 September - 1 October 2017)

This was the last week before Symfony 3.4 feature freeze period. That's why lots of pending new features were merged (including a new Argon2i password encoder, a better integration of the Lock component and a new minimalist default PSR-3 logger) and some existing features were deprecated (including HTTP Digest authentication and security ACL).

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 4129fd2: [FrameworkBundle] fixed Routing\DelegatingLoader
  • b90ce05: [Security] added null as explicit return type (?TokenInterface)
  • d178a9b: [HttpKernel] fixed HttpCache does not consider ESI resources in HEAD requests
  • 5bbec9c: [HttpFoundation] fiedx advisory lock for pgsql in PdoSessionHandler
  • 59c272b: [Form] fixed precision of MoneyToLocalizedStringTransformer's divisions and multiplications
  • 166f64e: [HttpFoundation] fixed file upload multiple with no files
  • f73d8d2: [Intl] fixed support of Locale::getFallback

3.3 changelog:

  • acbb2ab: [PropertyAccess] set a NullLogger in ApcuAdapter when Apcu is disabled in CLI
  • cb2a1a3: [WebProfilerBundle] added missing link to profile token
  • 29433fa: [Yaml] parse merge keys with PARSE_OBJECT_FOR_MAP flag
  • 0063800: [DependencyInjection] included file and line number in deprecated

3.4 changelog:

  • 0c0a052: [Cache] added ResettableInterface to allow resetting any pool's local state
  • ec11187: [DependencyInjection] added AutowireRequiredMethodsPass to fix bindings for @required methods
  • 8136fa5: [DependencyInjection] added Definition::addError() and a compiler pass to throw errors as exceptions
  • 1b4d2b2, 3f29df4: [Yaml] support parsing files
  • 55aa662: [DependencyInjection] throw exception on some ContainerBuilder methods used from extensions
  • 477a24d: [Security] deprecated not being logged out after user change
  • bc84304: [HttpFoundation] deprecated compatibility with PHP <5.4 sessions
  • ec8edee: [HttpKernel] added ability to configure catching exceptions for Client
  • 084e49f: [Security] passed the newly generated security token to the event during user switching
  • b5103a2: [Security] deprecated the HTTP digest authentication
  • 8a752c3, b46f995: [SecurityBundle] deprecated ACL related code
  • 08825f8: [PhpUnitBridge] added a CoverageListener to enhance the code coverage report
  • eb11831: [Finder] added a method to check if any results were found
  • 250d56b: [Security] added Saltless Encoder interface
  • 65872e8: [Serializer] CsvEncoder handling variable structures and custom header order
  • e5ddd14: [Lock] included the Lock component in framework bundle
  • f56f28b: [Form] removed Validator\TypeTestCase and add validator logic to base TypeTestCase
  • 94aef22: [Serializer] added support for object_to_populate in CustomNormalizer
  • 7269013: [Filesystem] deprecated relative paths in makePathRelative()
  • 54135cb: [TwigBundle] registered an identity translator as fallback
  • 3b5742e: [Security] added shortcuts for the main security functionality
  • 648a895: [DependencyInjection] reference tagged services in config
  • c7f664c: [Asset] provide default context
  • 537c496: [Lock] use cache connection factories in lock
  • a442e37: [HttpKernel] deprecated some compiler passes in favor of tagged iterator args
  • 2c5e2a2: [Translation] moved PhpExtractor and PhpStringTokenParser to Translation component
  • 2e2f02c: [TwigBundle] improved the overriding of bundle templates
  • c10baf9: [DowCrawler] default to UTF-8 when possible
  • 1b30098: [Security] added an Argon2i password encoder
  • 09afa64: [HttpKernel] added a minimalist default PSR-3 logger
  • b1e2d21: [Security] added impersonation support for stateless authentication
  • a2ae9a4: [SecurityBundle] deprecated auto picking the first provider
  • cd91b8f: [FrameworkBundle] registered a NullLogger from test kernels

Master changelog:

  • 92d5134: [HttpKernel] removed bundle inheritance
  • 6fd83ca: [SecurityBundle] removed ACL related code
  • 9f56a9e: [Serializer] throw more specific exceptions
  • 88be8f6: [SecurityBundle] removed remaining ACL stuff from SecurityBundle

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 70e735e: added possibility to reset the profiler
  • 8a47e05: added throws tags doc block for Twig_Environment:load

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