A week of symfony #588 (2-8 April 2018)

This week was the first of the "feature freeze" period of Symfony 4.1. Development activity focused on finishing and polishing some of the pending features, such as a middleware that validates Messenger messages, a Monolog activation strategy for ignoring specific HTTP codes, the ability to set the rounding strategy for MoneyType and a feature to use custom functions inside allow_if security expressions.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • d73f491: [Console] fixed check of color support on Windows
  • eac5ede: added PHPDbg support to HTTP components
  • 7c4676a: [Finder] removed duplicate slashes in filenames
  • c415e4c: [EventDispatcher] fixed wrong listener in stopEventPropagation test

3.4 changelog:

  • c48af7c: [FrameworkBundle] added PHP errors options to XML schema definition
  • ea69cc2: [Yaml] fixed regression when trying to parse multiline
  • 341682e: [WebProfilerBundle] made FileLinkFormatter URL format generation lazy
  • 3c54c4a: [SecurityBundle] added missing argument to security.authentication.provider.simple
  • 0e67060: [Routing] fixed throwing NoConfigurationException instead of 405
  • 1605684: [Security] load the user before pre/post auth checks when needed
  • 603f3ab: [PhpUnitBridge] catch deprecation error handler
  • 5fa9a58: [Security] register custom providers on ExpressionLanguage directly

Master changelog:

  • 0ff2f8e: [Workflow] added a new all() method to Registry
  • 382b586: [FrameworkBundle] fixed log level support config handling
  • 9fda6d3: mark ExceptionInterfaces throwable
  • 8912754: [HttpFoundation] split FileException into specialized ones about upload handling
  • 56cd3d2: [Messenger] added a middleware that validates messages
  • d5b88eb: [Messenger] added a MessageHandlerInterface (multiple messages + auto-configuration)
  • ee51f74: [Monolog Bridge] added a Monolog activation strategy for ignoring specific HTTP codes
  • fe6aa64: [Form] ability to set rounding strategy for MoneyType
  • 2a4d024: [Ldap] allow adding and removing values to/from multi-valued attributes
  • 572042c: [Messenger] remove the Doctrine middleware configuration from the FrameworkBundle
  • f738013: [PhpUnitBridge] search for other SYMFONY_* env vars in phpunit.xml then phpunit.xml.dist
  • 179fe2f: [FrameworkBundle] removed CSRF Twig extension when class is missing
  • 3a37e41: [Messenger] moved collector and command into the component and other minor tweaks
  • 47e2bd3: [Debug] support any Throwable object in FlattenException
  • 0f4c0e9: [HttpFoundation] added a migrating session handler
  • dc29b27: [SecurityBundle] allow using custom function inside allow_if expressions
  • ec999c7: [Console] added support for iterable in output
  • 629e82d: [HttpFoundation] have MigratingSessionHandler implement SessionUpdateTimestampHandlerInterface

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