A week of symfony #591 (23-29 April 2018)

This week, development activity was focused on improving the new Messenger component to allow defining multiple buses, adding a memory limit option to ConsumeMessagesCommand and generating better logs for received messages. In addition, we improved the performance of the resource loading in the Translator component and the performance of the normalizer in the Serializer component.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • e775871: [HttpFoundation] added HTTP_EARLY_HINTS constant
  • 9afb41e: [Security] skip user checks if not implementing UserInterface
  • 778d47f: [HttpKernel] remove decoration from actual output in tests
  • bf8ed0a: [Doctrine Bridge] fixed an countable issue in UniqueEntityValidator
  • 81c9545: [HttpFoundation] fixed setting session-related ini settings

3.4 changelog:

  • aec5cd0: [DependencyInjection] added check of internal type to ContainerBuilder::getReflectionClass
  • ff96226: [Security] fixed GuardAuthenticationProvider::authenticate cannot return null
  • df20e80: [VarDumper] fixed HtmlDumper classes match
  • b8c1538: [HttpKernel] don't clean legacy containers that are still loaded
  • 61af0e3: [Cache] make TagAwareAdapterInterface::invalidateTags() commit deferred items
  • b213c5a: [HttpKernel] catch HttpExceptions when templating is not installed

Master changelog:

  • 9ae116f: [MonologBridge] added WebSubscriberProcessor to ease processor configuration
  • 8a35c8b: [DependencyInjection] handle invalid extension configuration class
  • 0a83b17: [Serializer] allow to access to the context and various other infos in callbacks and max depth handler
  • 2232d99: [FrameworkBundle] register all private services on the test service container
  • da4fccd: [Messenger] allow to define multiple buses from the framework.messenger.buses configuration
  • cef8d28: [WebProfilerBundle] show Messenger bus name in profiler panel
  • ee0967f: [Messenger] added a memory limit option for ConsumeMessagesCommand
  • 3b363a8: [Messenger] unwrap ReceivedMessage in LoggingMiddleware to improve log detail
  • 39c7c90: [Messenger] validate that the message exists to be able to configure its routing
  • a9d12d2: [DependencyInjection, Routing] allow invokable objects to be used as PHP-DSL loaders
  • e902caa: [SecurityBundle] register a UserProviderInterface alias if one provider only
  • ff19a04: [Messenger] restored wildcard support in routing
  • d843181: [Translator] further postpone adding resource files
  • 5b6df6f: [Serializer] cache the normalizer to use when possible
  • 50a59c0: [WebProfilerBundle] made the debug toolbar follow ajax requests if header set

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