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A Week of Symfony #620 (12-18 November 2018)

This week, the second beta of Symfony 4.2 was published in preparation for its final release in two weeks. In order to simplify the maintenance of Symfony apps, we undeprecated the single-colon controller notation and also reverted the deprecation of --env and --no-debug console options.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 54 pull requests were merged (38 in code and 16 in docs) and 64 issues were closed (48 in code and 16 in docs). Excluding merges, 32 authors made 2,656 additions and 914 deletions. See details for code and docs.

2.8 changelog:

  • 26f321c: [Config] unset key during normalization
  • 893237d: [Form] invalidated forms on transformation failures
  • 32c0172: [Form] fixed keeping hash of equal \DateTimeInterface on submit
  • f975be2: [Form] fixed empty data for compound date types
  • b11ec05: [Validator] added the missing constraints instance checks

3.4 changelog:

  • 8dcefc9: [Workflow] fixed guard event names for transitions
  • 1ac042b: [PropertyAccessor] fixed unable to write to singular property using setter while plural adder/remover exist
  • 236565c: [DependencyInjection] don't fail on missing classes when resource tracking is disabled

4.1 changelog:

  • 28cd88e: [Workflow] fixed bug of buildTransitionBlockerList when many transition are enabled
  • c96325f: [Routing] generate(null) should throw an exception
  • e59e4e0: undeprecated the single-colon controller notation

Master changelog:

  • fb249f0: [Messenger] collect all stamps added on Envelope as collections
  • 3778585: [HttpKernel] fixed collecting uploaded files
  • 443f8ad: [FrameworkBundle] reverted deprecation of --env and --no-debug console options
  • 100f205: [VarExporter] fixed handling of __sleep()
  • 88891d5: [Messenger] added handled & sent stamps
  • ef75454: [Translation] made intl+icu format seamless by handling it in MessageCatalogue
  • f975be2: [Form] fixed empty data for compound date types
  • 429f500: [Debug] removed frames added by DebugClassLoader in stack traces

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