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A week of symfony #265 (23->29 January 2012)

This week, time, logger and Doctrine collectors were tweaked and refactored. Meanwhile, the Form component fixed lots of bugs, specially with the improvements of ChoiceListInterface and its implementations.

A week of symfony #264 (16->22 January 2012)

This week, Form and Validator were the most active components on the Symfony2 master branch. First, the CollectionValidator introduced new Optional and Required constraints. Second, the validation of form children was made configurable, meaning that child forms now aren't validated anymore by default (bc-break change).

A week of symfony #263 (9->15 January 2012)

This week, Symfony2 master branch committed an important security-related and backwards-incompatible change: moved user comparison logic out of UserInterface. In addition, the winners of the first Symfony Community Awards were announced.

Announcing the winner of the first Symfony Community Awards

The long awaited results of the first Symfony community awards are known. Congratulations if you are in the list!

A week of symfony #262 (2->8 January 2012)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 2.1 version removed DoctrineBundle as it was migrated to the Doctrine organization. Meanwhile, Symfony2 components unveiled their brand-new documentation section. Lastly, Symfony 2.0.9 maintenance version was published to address some minor problems in 2.0.8.

Symfony 2.0.9 released

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Learning about the Symfony Components

We need your help! As a community, we've put a lot of work into the Symfony2 framework documentation. It's not perfect, but there's a lot of great resources. Now it's time to focus on documentation for the individual components.

Symfony 2.1: The Doctrine bundle has moved to the Doctrine organization

The Symfony2 DoctrineBundle has been moved to the Doctrine organization.

A week of symfony #261 (26 December 2011 -> 1 January 2012)

The last week of the year brought the release of Symfony 2.0.8 and the addition of streamed responses for the upcoming Symfony 2.1 version.