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Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 5.1: Misc. improvements (Part 3)

Symfony 5.1 will allow to include the severity in ConstraintViolationList, will add a new mailer log handler and a new deprecation contract, and will enable "dark mode" in exception pages.

New in Symfony 5.1: Misc. improvements (Part 2)

Symfony 5.1 will include a stand-alone YAML linter command, a better RoundRobin mailer transport, a separate log channel for deprecations and support for tags/metadata in mailers.

New in Symfony 5.1: Misc. improvements (Part 1)

Some of the minor new features included in Symfony 5.1 will make your work easier, such as using constants for command exit codes, a better tempnam() function and customized random strings.

New in Symfony 5.1: Updated Security System

Symfony 5.1 includes a new Security system which simplifies the existing security features while giving developers more flexibility in a much more approachable way.

New in Symfony 5.1: Automatic schema updates

Symfony 5.1 automates the creation of the database tables required by some components to store their contents (Messenger, Lock, Cache, etc.)

New in Symfony 5.1: HttpFoundation improvements

Symfony 5.1 adds a new InputBag class, adds support for encrypting session data, adds more cache-control directives and allows to build cookie objects more easily.

New in Symfony 5.1: Form improvements

Symfony 5.1 improves forms to validate HTML5 colors, allow rounding percent values, display HTML contents in labels, simplify timezone management, provide better defaults for inputmode option and other improvements in choice types.

New in Symfony 5.1: Validator improvements

Symfony 5.1 validator adds support for three-letter country and language codes, adds an option to check that the collection items is divisible by a certain number and allows to define validation callables.

New in Symfony 5.1: OptionsResolver improvements

In Symfony 5.1, the OptionsResolver component has introduced an optional fluent interface to configure options and a way to provide extra debug information per option.

New in Symfony 5.1: Access decision based on voter priority

Symfony 5.1 adds a new access decision strategy called "priority" which uses the decision from the highest priority security voter.