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Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 5.4: New Validation Constraints

Symfony 5.4 adds new validator constraints to validate CIDR notations and CSS colors.

New in Symfony 5.4: PHP Enumerations Support

Symfony 5.4 will support PHP 8.1 Enumerations in Form, Serializer, Dependency Injection and VarExporter components.

New in Symfony 5.4: Route Aliasing

Symfony 5.4 will allow to define route aliases, which are useful to rename and/or deprecate legacy routes.

New in Symfony 5.4: Controller Changes

In Symfony 5.4 we're deprecating some controller shortcuts to encourage other better practices.

New in Symfony 5.4: Nested Validation Attributes

Symfony 5.4 will support PHP 8.1 nested attributes in all its validation constraints.

New in Symfony 5.4: Faster Security Voters

Symfony 5.4 introduces a new interface to make some parts of the security voters cacheable to improve your application performance.

New in Symfony 5.4: Console Autocompletion

Symfony 5.4 will add autocompletion to the Console component, allowing commands to autocomplete options, arguments and even their values.

New in Symfony 5.3: Guard Component Deprecation

Symfony 5.3 deprecates the Guard component in favor of a new more extensible and easier to understand authentication system.

New in Symfony 5.3: Lazy Command Description

In Symfony 5.3 you can describe console commands lazily, which will help with the future console autocompletion feature.

New in Symfony 5.3: Runtime Component

Symfony 5.3 includes a new Runtime Component that decouples the bootstrapping logic from any global state to make sure the application can run with runtimes like PHP-FPM, ReactPHP, Swoole, etc. without any changes.